Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lady in Red

Make jewelry it's addictive!
I couldn't resist, I made other earrings in red. I think that I have the perfect detail for my red pants.

It´s trendy!

The latest trend for this winter seems to be coming from military court, so I signed up to fashion.

I found this pattern from a Burda October 89 (everything is invented, only recycles every time) and it seemed very appropriate for it.

The thing was that I discussed it in my work and my coworker Edgar joined the idea to make us each a jacket of similar inspiration but adapted to the male version for he.
This project will be a very nice, we bought the fabric together, wool coat (which certainly , fade) in navy blue and for lining we decided on a Jacquard fabric quirky, him in blue and me in red.

I will continue to report!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Tenía ganas de hacer algo de bisutería este fin de semana, así que rebusque en el baúl donde guardo las piedras y esto es lo que encontré.
I wanted to make some jewelry this weekend, so I browse through the trunk where I keep the stones and that is what I found.

Hasta hace poco tiempo, mis orejas no soportaban otro metal que no fuera el oro por alergia. Desde hace una semana me di cuenta por casualidad que esto ha cambiado.
Aprovechando que ahora puedo, voy a hacerme unos cuantos pendientes en el futuro.

Until recently, my ears could not stand another metal that it wasn't gold for allergy. Since a week ago I noticed by chance that this has changed.
Now that I can, I will make a few more in the future.

Hice estos pendientes y el broche a juego. Tardé muy poco tiempo y el resultado fue muy bonito.
I made these earrings and matching brooch. It took a short time and the result was very nice.