Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Charade dress

I wanted a dress style of the film "Charade".
So I looked for patterns in a magazine and found this beautiful dress cut below the bosom and whith pockets to do it with a fine black and white wool.

I put black tape between the seams and made the first test and I have to get a little cut of the armhole only, everything else is perfect to complete.
I apologise about the bad quality of the photos .
I hope I have it finished in this week and make a coat for outfit after


  1. Great dress. I'm not a fan of 50s retro but I do adore 60s styling.

  2. I like that dress.Can't wait to see it made up.

  3. Great job. The dress came out lovelly!

  4. Oh! yo tengo esa revista tambien! y me quiero hacer ese vestido solo que no he encontrado la tela correcta, cuando lo haga checare lo que pusiste en el post!


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