Monday, March 29, 2010

UFO, new proyect

Some time ago I started a crochet bag, then forgot where he had saved. Two weeks ago I found the project made crochet half hidden in a corner of my sewing room.
Discovery it was a great joy, so on the way since home to work (in the bus), I make the most of the 20 minutes it takes the bus to get to crochet and finish the bag.
At first, people looked at me and I felt like I was committing a sin, or something, now I feel nothing, only I crochet and I forget the world for a little time each day.

I am using Katia maroon wool and for the top of the bag, wool fun that brings embedded metal balls, I hope to finish soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A gift

Some time ago, a friend gave me a gift, a few yards of beautiful fabric.

This month I went to get my Burda magazine as I do every month since 1984 and I was really excited to see the cover of the magazine.

I have here the same material used in Burda.
Anyway I do not like this fabric for clothing that is in the photo, I prefer some model of inspiration for the 60s, but even so... I love it!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A whim

I decided I wanted a complement to my dress to complete the outfit.
In a local haberdashery found a felt base to make a hat, so I copied the way on paper and cut.
I glued a circle of fabric inside the felt.

Then I sewed the pieces of the patterns and sewed it took before, I also sewed a grosguein ribbon in the bottom of the wall of the hat for added stability.

When the inner circle of cloth was dry, I sewed the outside with invisible stitches along the edges of the sides sewed a small loop of thread, I do not know.... Is this its name in English??

The hat was finished well, but I needed to decorate it, I went an absolute pillbox hat.

I looked for what was home and I decorated whit red, feathers and organza ribbon.

I liked the look of my new pillbox hat.

.Now, the accessories get a genuine vintage outfit.

I love my new whim!!!!