Monday, March 29, 2010

UFO, new proyect

Some time ago I started a crochet bag, then forgot where he had saved. Two weeks ago I found the project made crochet half hidden in a corner of my sewing room.
Discovery it was a great joy, so on the way since home to work (in the bus), I make the most of the 20 minutes it takes the bus to get to crochet and finish the bag.
At first, people looked at me and I felt like I was committing a sin, or something, now I feel nothing, only I crochet and I forget the world for a little time each day.

I am using Katia maroon wool and for the top of the bag, wool fun that brings embedded metal balls, I hope to finish soon.


  1. Gorgeous bag.

    I went through many older posts and really love your blog; so I've signed up as a follower and put your blog on my blog list of my sewing blog. You are welcome to pay me a visit.


  2. Hi! I just found your blog on Sew Retro and love what you are creating!! The bag and especially the hat!! WOW! they look really great!


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