Monday, March 8, 2010

A whim

I decided I wanted a complement to my dress to complete the outfit.
In a local haberdashery found a felt base to make a hat, so I copied the way on paper and cut.
I glued a circle of fabric inside the felt.

Then I sewed the pieces of the patterns and sewed it took before, I also sewed a grosguein ribbon in the bottom of the wall of the hat for added stability.

When the inner circle of cloth was dry, I sewed the outside with invisible stitches along the edges of the sides sewed a small loop of thread, I do not know.... Is this its name in English??

The hat was finished well, but I needed to decorate it, I went an absolute pillbox hat.

I looked for what was home and I decorated whit red, feathers and organza ribbon.

I liked the look of my new pillbox hat.

.Now, the accessories get a genuine vintage outfit.

I love my new whim!!!!


  1. So chic! You've created a gorgeous outfit.

  2. you really look like an artist.:))i like your style..

  3. Amazing outfit! The hat is a good idea and enhances the beauty of the dress :)

  4. beautiful dress - Great job!! Fantastic outfit too.

  5. Thank you for showing your process for the hat! What a great job!

  6. you look absolutely fabulous!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. ¡Maravillosa! Me encanta ese vestido y el sombrero. ¡Qué elegante!


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