Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A busy Friday

Last Friday was the wedding of mi niece, I had requested that day off since time ago to leisurely prepare everything but the awaited day finally came and I didn´t have dress for that special night.
So in the morning I got up at 7.00 and I took my son to High School , after breakfast I did some errands until 11.00 and went home.

.Since 11.30 I was cutting a dress for ceremony, I choose a model that I wanted of Burda long time ago.
I finished it at 17.00. I choosed for the skirt of the dress ottoman and the upper body is a wonderful silk crash effect.

Some details for outfit

The wedding was to 19.30, so after finished the dress only had time for a shower and some makeup to look like this...

After the ceremony I shared with the family and the guests a wedding dinner. We ate, danced and laughed long into the night.
At 24.30 the audience began to leave, but my husband and I decide we wanted to continue the party a little more, so we went to have drinks ank dancing at a popular nightclub in the capital.
At 3.30 the body could not take over and we retired to rest thinking of getting up the next day to go to the beach.
For a long time since I spent a weekend as fun and complete as this, so I´m thinking about the next....


  1. Lovely dress. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. Wow!! The dress looks amazing and it so great that you finished it that day!!!

  3. beautiful!! i always love black & white combination..

  4. Lovely dress and perfect timing!
    I don't understand one detail: what is ottoman?

  5. this dress is so chanel! looks cute and classy!

  6. Eres una auténtica reina con el cuerpo de una diosa y las manos de un hada.
    Te abrazo fuerte.


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