Saturday, April 10, 2010

A embroidery cushion for a wedding

My niece es getting married soon and I thought a good idea to give her a cushion to carry partnerships embroidered with your name and your future husband.
So I spent some time on Sunday afternoon to embroider with a good cup of coffee, it was gradually taking shape.

The base fabric I used is a satin, a remnant of a wedding dress that I made about four years ago. Above it, a piece of organza which is also a remnant of a communion dress that I made three springs ago, the frill is made of organza with the same stash.

The decorations of flowers are also accessories that I did long time ago, so that every part of this cushion has a story. The bow of flowers is blue because here, in Spain, is a tradition that the bride has to wear something new, something used and something blue to give luck. Here a few photos of the cushion finished.

I hope that my niece received this gift with all the affection that I have to do it.
Meanwhile, I´m already thinking about the dress I´m going to do to attend the wedding...
Next post.


  1. This is so pretty and dainty!!! Very well embroidered, just like the ones my mother-in-law (que es de España!!) used to make. The wedding couple will be so pleased with this gift.
    Raquel from Florida

  2. This cushion is beautiful. They will love it!

  3. you are so talented,it looks very nice.


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