Friday, April 2, 2010

Skirt with trick.

This last weekend was long in Spain, for the Thursday and Friday was holidays and joined the Saturday and Sunday, so I wanted a light skirt and youthful, and took the opportunity to make one.
I drew a skirt with outer pockets, open front with buttons, but with a little trick...

I was so excited with four days of to sew I did not remember taking photos of the work process, I used a fabric with a bit of elastan of my private stash, so is quite comfortable.

I really like the clothes with buttons in front, but I hate when open the space between them and when yoy sit, the space between buttons seem to "bumps"... so the solutin was to add an invisible side zipper and sew the buttons line since up to down, so does not open anything.

I think I´ll use a lot this skirt in this spring.!


  1. Very beautiful skirt. I like skirts and dresses with buttons in front :)

  2. Lovely skirt and i love the trick u use. Yes, i'm having the same problem with button up skirt. thnx for sharing this technique. :)

  3. Great skirt! You are a really good seamstress and your english is good.
    Te falta un poquito de vocabulario del dia a dia, pero me parece genial que trates de escribir en un idioma que no es el tuyo. Ademas tus habilidades con la costura son fantasticas, especialmente con el vestido de rojo de un post anterior.
    Saludos desde Florida!

  4. FANTASTIC skirt! I love it! It looks great on you!

  5. Your skirt looks wonderful. Great faux button idea.


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