Monday, May 31, 2010

Gentlemen prefer blondes, Part I

One of my favorite hobbies of the weekend is to enjoy old movies. Saturday night is the ritual of sitting on the sofa with a drink and popcorns, this is the best way to enjoy these treasures movies and almost without noticing I´m having a small collection.
The second part of the ritual when the movie ends is take it to the computer and pass it to see the clothes with more detail. I like to watch over and over again the scenes to look at the dresses from all angles, to see where the zipper and all those things that would go unnoticed by people who have´nt sewing hobby.

. One of the more wonderful films I´ve see is "Gentleman prefer blondes" , and it begins with a scene Marilyn an Jane Russell singing and dancing, they wear red dresses spectacular full of sequins.

In this one scene, the two friends are inthe dock to board the boat, please, look at that red hat Jane, Is not delicious???
Marilyn wears a knitted black dress with draped neck and waist, and leather tiger accesories.

When Marilyn removen the stolen you can see a neck drape detail, exquisite....
A small pleasure for me is to watch carefully the action of the actors "extras", I found this green suit on a girl who enters the cabin and I loved the details perfectly coordinated from to the sleeves and neck, paired whit the gloves, I love it!!!

In this scene, Jane wears a black pant and a beautiful black top, (do´nt worry dear reader, will appear in the next post pictures of this outfit with more detail) so now I enjoyed watching this beautiful light jacket black and white. Marilyn is dressed entirely in lavender colour, I looove this colour.
When Marilyn appears in this scene wears the lavender outfit , I was quite impressed whit the skirt and I decided it´s one of my next sewing proyects, please, when I wear thes skirt, do not compare my silhouette whit Marilyn, you are compassionate whit me.....
You can see it more closely

Monday, May 24, 2010

Navy skirt

I completed a navy blue skirt that needed long, I took longer to find the right fabric with the right colour than I imagined

When finally I found the right fabric, began the task of finding the dream model, so I spend some time digging trought my stash of old Burda , I wanded a model to refine a bit around my waist and gave a bit of volume to my hip.
I found this model in a Burda of January 1992, I liked the side pockets and the shape of the waistband.


I will take this opportunity to show you a quick and easy way to cover a pencil skirt.
The first step is that the lining should be with the adjustments made
to the skirt, so you must first sewing margins of the zipper, lining faced with the margin of the zipper.

Then the other side of the zipper,with the other side of the liner, so the zipper must be completely clean as shown in the photo on the left.

The next step is to put the skirt into the lining, and sew the upper rim of the liner to the top edge of the skirt where it attaches to the waistband

Finally, I close the inside of the waistband to completely cover the skirt, if you put the pins vertically, can be sewn on them safely.

This method is quite safe if you place well bellow the pins.

Happy sewing.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Preparing for summer

It's time to prepare the costumes for summer in this part of the world so I spent a bit of the weekend making the bikiny.

The first step that I made was dust off my notes on swimwear and clothing sponsorship elastic, I opted for a model that reflects well on the lateral chest and leaves a beautiful neckline.

For this bikiny, I chose a pink lycra that is saved in my stash for a few years.
I decided to make two liners for the same bra, because it is very easy to change you this piece when it is wet after bathing in the sea and follow the same model.

Place the elastic around the edges of the garments is veary easy with a foot that incorporates a channel (where "walks" the elastic) and also has a screw that you can adjust to tighten more or less elastic.
Thus we get that all are equal and constant travel.

The first step to made the bra is sew the elastics on the edges and sew it with the pin strips.

Then I join all parts with a special pipe to enter the rings of metal inside them, closing the edges of these pipes and place the back end.

A sewn swimwear relatively fast and it's rewarding in the short term and a bit of fabric, it has all.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Mother´s Day

Tomorrow is the Mother´s Day in Europe, I know that in the U.S. this holiday is celebrated in the second Sunday in May, here it held the first Sunday in May.
So I want to do a little post dedicated to all mothers. Congratulations!