Monday, May 31, 2010

Gentlemen prefer blondes, Part I

One of my favorite hobbies of the weekend is to enjoy old movies. Saturday night is the ritual of sitting on the sofa with a drink and popcorns, this is the best way to enjoy these treasures movies and almost without noticing I´m having a small collection.
The second part of the ritual when the movie ends is take it to the computer and pass it to see the clothes with more detail. I like to watch over and over again the scenes to look at the dresses from all angles, to see where the zipper and all those things that would go unnoticed by people who have´nt sewing hobby.

. One of the more wonderful films I´ve see is "Gentleman prefer blondes" , and it begins with a scene Marilyn an Jane Russell singing and dancing, they wear red dresses spectacular full of sequins.

In this one scene, the two friends are inthe dock to board the boat, please, look at that red hat Jane, Is not delicious???
Marilyn wears a knitted black dress with draped neck and waist, and leather tiger accesories.

When Marilyn removen the stolen you can see a neck drape detail, exquisite....
A small pleasure for me is to watch carefully the action of the actors "extras", I found this green suit on a girl who enters the cabin and I loved the details perfectly coordinated from to the sleeves and neck, paired whit the gloves, I love it!!!

In this scene, Jane wears a black pant and a beautiful black top, (do´nt worry dear reader, will appear in the next post pictures of this outfit with more detail) so now I enjoyed watching this beautiful light jacket black and white. Marilyn is dressed entirely in lavender colour, I looove this colour.
When Marilyn appears in this scene wears the lavender outfit , I was quite impressed whit the skirt and I decided it´s one of my next sewing proyects, please, when I wear thes skirt, do not compare my silhouette whit Marilyn, you are compassionate whit me.....
You can see it more closely

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  1. I agree these garments are gorgeous. Also wanted to say your recent blue skirt is very good. I missed it first time around.


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