Monday, May 24, 2010

Navy skirt

I completed a navy blue skirt that needed long, I took longer to find the right fabric with the right colour than I imagined

When finally I found the right fabric, began the task of finding the dream model, so I spend some time digging trought my stash of old Burda , I wanded a model to refine a bit around my waist and gave a bit of volume to my hip.
I found this model in a Burda of January 1992, I liked the side pockets and the shape of the waistband.


I will take this opportunity to show you a quick and easy way to cover a pencil skirt.
The first step is that the lining should be with the adjustments made
to the skirt, so you must first sewing margins of the zipper, lining faced with the margin of the zipper.

Then the other side of the zipper,with the other side of the liner, so the zipper must be completely clean as shown in the photo on the left.

The next step is to put the skirt into the lining, and sew the upper rim of the liner to the top edge of the skirt where it attaches to the waistband

Finally, I close the inside of the waistband to completely cover the skirt, if you put the pins vertically, can be sewn on them safely.

This method is quite safe if you place well bellow the pins.

Happy sewing.


  1. Great looking skirt and thanks for the tips!

  2. Paola, this is a great classy skirt, I love your style in the pictures, navy is en vogue this season.

  3. Wonderful looking skirt, your outfit looks perfect and thank you for
    the lining tutorial :)

  4. lovely skirt. u look very stylish. perfectly match with your top. :)


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