Monday, May 3, 2010

Preparing for summer

It's time to prepare the costumes for summer in this part of the world so I spent a bit of the weekend making the bikiny.

The first step that I made was dust off my notes on swimwear and clothing sponsorship elastic, I opted for a model that reflects well on the lateral chest and leaves a beautiful neckline.

For this bikiny, I chose a pink lycra that is saved in my stash for a few years.
I decided to make two liners for the same bra, because it is very easy to change you this piece when it is wet after bathing in the sea and follow the same model.

Place the elastic around the edges of the garments is veary easy with a foot that incorporates a channel (where "walks" the elastic) and also has a screw that you can adjust to tighten more or less elastic.
Thus we get that all are equal and constant travel.

The first step to made the bra is sew the elastics on the edges and sew it with the pin strips.

Then I join all parts with a special pipe to enter the rings of metal inside them, closing the edges of these pipes and place the back end.

A sewn swimwear relatively fast and it's rewarding in the short term and a bit of fabric, it has all.


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  2. I'm impressed!I never sewed swimsuit.Maybe I should try.


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