Thursday, July 29, 2010

It´s good to feel loved.....

 Some time ago, someone give me a gift, my embroidery old teacher decided to give me a retal of line with the initials of my hubby and mine embroidered with victorian style, with the wish that I would use it to decorate my home ( that's another of my passions )

Along some days, I was trying to decide if I would make a cushion for my bedroom or allocate it to some beautiful pictures, finally I decided by the last.

When I decorate my home, I love the victorian style, romantic, cottage, so when I found this beautiful carved frame, I inmediatly know that they were perfect.

My home is formed by furniture or objects that they have own stories, the pictures of the left of the photo were made by cross stich some years ago and everytime that I watch at them, I remind my old home where I lived when I embroidered them. Now everytime I watch my beautiful embroidered initials, there will be a tiny bit of the art of my old teacher of embroidered in the air.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


   With sunmer fancy wear light dresses  to withstand the heat  and fashion of the 60s is the inspiration for this days of  sunmer.
 I found this model of Simplicity on the Internet and I liked the line quite easily, I don´t have the pattern, only the drawing.
 In one of my heirloom sewing books I found the photo  on the left,  so I decided  to mix the two models.
    I´m going to use fabrics of my stash, to the bottom of dress  a cold wool  with squared and white cotton top, I like the mix!!!
So far, I only had time to make the pattern and cut the pieces, I haven´t yet decided if I´ll  line it, probably yes, in the meantime, you have a good week!

Monday, July 19, 2010


     When you live on a island, the best way to have a good time with 37 º C  is go to the beach.
This weekend we decided go to Mogan Beach, that lies south  of the island.
 The beach has a small channel that allows water  to enter the sea within the village, for this reason this town is also know as " Little Venice"
The small beach is wonderful  to enjoy  a relaxing day, white sand and calm sea.

 Also to wear a new bikini and  be caressed by the sun.
After enjoying the sun and the sea,  best to refuel is a light and healthy meal in a restaurant on the Avenue  of Port.

                                  In the port is a fun tourist attraction, a yellow submarine. You can come on board to dive into the ocean if you don´t have ploblems with claustrophobia. LOL.

                 I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A dress for my good friend Miss N.

  My dear friend Miss N. had to attend a wending as guest the last weekend and she asked me to help her whit a beautiful party dress, so I started this little adventure whit great enthusiasm, to finish whit this result.
The first step to ensure that the dress be manteined without slipping and no corset is utilize a strapples bra, it  inside brings  silicon to helping  stick to body.
  I ripped the bra sidebands and then I lined it whit fabric the bra cups, for this I used a piece of bias fabric, so the fabric is adapted to the shape of the cups, then I returned to sewing sidebands front  lining sewing too.

        This way I formed the lining of dress, simply adjusting with a pattern that I made with the measures of Miss N. and adding the bra to the front, sewing between the bra cups.
  The next step was made the draping....... patiently

                                       And This is the result, Do you like it?
                        I hope that Miss N.  loves the dress like me                  

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gentlemen prefer blondes, Part II

First of all, I want to apologize for my long absence, my habits of life have changed a bit lately and I decided to take a new course that will be very beneficial to me.
I want to continue the second part of this exibition of costumes of this wonderful film and there is a scene I love it when Jane does a dance whit training equipment that travel on board the ship.
I really do not know whether to watch, the beautiful set of top and pants that she wears, the clothes of the girls in the background or perhaps collection of sculpted bodys that go with she.

This stunning gold dress appears only in the back in the movie, when Marilyn does a dance and Jane watches her throught the window, but I trought that I could not miss a photo of the dress beacuse it´s worth appreciating.
I do not thing that anyone can wear it as she.
Here is Jane whit another outfit of short, corset and coat of blue and white. I think a copy of that corset will not take long to be among my hands.
This dress full of draped elegantly falling and that short jacket deserve special attention.
And the strapples dress cleavage of gems and draping at hip is a feast for the eyes.
This model give me impression, I don´t know if I like the detail of neck, that colour as fresh or the delicious detail of the white portfolio and green gloves, I think this outfit would be fine as winter chothing where I live.
I love the details of white gloves with jeweled collar and pink hat with the beautiful bow on the neck.
Of course, I could not miss this dress know in the world, I think the words are useless.
The penultimate model in this movie is a beautiful purple dress whit a collar and sleeves very original.

And of course the final double wedding, I thought it was worth to get pictures of these dresses from the front and back beacuse I think it´s a wedding dress every girl would want.
So here a small selection of costumes for this classic film that every film fan should enjoy, a few dresses I think it should suit my wardrobe, for now start with the last post purple skirt and later deciding to go and incorporate other pieces to my closet. Meanwhile, I hope you have enjoyed these wonderful pictures.
Happy sewing.