Thursday, July 22, 2010


   With sunmer fancy wear light dresses  to withstand the heat  and fashion of the 60s is the inspiration for this days of  sunmer.
 I found this model of Simplicity on the Internet and I liked the line quite easily, I don´t have the pattern, only the drawing.
 In one of my heirloom sewing books I found the photo  on the left,  so I decided  to mix the two models.
    I´m going to use fabrics of my stash, to the bottom of dress  a cold wool  with squared and white cotton top, I like the mix!!!
So far, I only had time to make the pattern and cut the pieces, I haven´t yet decided if I´ll  line it, probably yes, in the meantime, you have a good week!


  1. Looking forward to your dress, the white bodice looks great against the blue print.

    Thanks for the lovely compliment on my garments.

  2. I look forward to seeing this dress, I love the style you've created and the fabric you are using.

  3. Realmente bonito. Tu cabecita es incansable. ¿cuando nos vemos un rato? Ayer me preguntaron U y L, que tienen ganas de verte. Tengo algo para ti, a ver si nos cruzamos. Un besazo.

  4. I think the dress is going to turn out great, can't wait to see your finished work!


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