Thursday, July 29, 2010

It´s good to feel loved.....

 Some time ago, someone give me a gift, my embroidery old teacher decided to give me a retal of line with the initials of my hubby and mine embroidered with victorian style, with the wish that I would use it to decorate my home ( that's another of my passions )

Along some days, I was trying to decide if I would make a cushion for my bedroom or allocate it to some beautiful pictures, finally I decided by the last.

When I decorate my home, I love the victorian style, romantic, cottage, so when I found this beautiful carved frame, I inmediatly know that they were perfect.

My home is formed by furniture or objects that they have own stories, the pictures of the left of the photo were made by cross stich some years ago and everytime that I watch at them, I remind my old home where I lived when I embroidered them. Now everytime I watch my beautiful embroidered initials, there will be a tiny bit of the art of my old teacher of embroidered in the air.


  1. beautiful! i think u made a perfect decision.

  2. That was such a thoughtful gift. Your initials look beautiful framed. You have such a lovely home. You have a true gift for decorating.

    I'll have the pics up from the photo shoot of my latest skirt on Monday. See you then.


  3. What beautiful pieces of embroidery and I love the way that you have framed them. You have made excellent use of a very lovely gift!

  4. Gorgeous, and I mean your framed monograms and your home both!

    The photos of Mogan brought back some wonderful memories... I worked on Gran Canary and Tenerife in the eighties, love the Canary Islands so much!

  5. Rosey, You found the perfect place for the embroidery. This is such a lovely room.

  6. That's so beautiful, Rosy!
    Que precioso!


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