Monday, July 19, 2010


     When you live on a island, the best way to have a good time with 37 º C  is go to the beach.
This weekend we decided go to Mogan Beach, that lies south  of the island.
 The beach has a small channel that allows water  to enter the sea within the village, for this reason this town is also know as " Little Venice"
The small beach is wonderful  to enjoy  a relaxing day, white sand and calm sea.

 Also to wear a new bikini and  be caressed by the sun.
After enjoying the sun and the sea,  best to refuel is a light and healthy meal in a restaurant on the Avenue  of Port.

                                  In the port is a fun tourist attraction, a yellow submarine. You can come on board to dive into the ocean if you don´t have ploblems with claustrophobia. LOL.

                 I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

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