Monday, August 30, 2010

Too hot! Sewing Impossible

 It´s too hot, this is the fourth heat wave that we are suffering on the island this summer, can´t sew, impossible to be inside  home, unable to sleep, with temperatures of 40º C and hot air that "give away"  we the Continent African  , this must be the closest thing to hell.
 So I dedicated the weekend to be in constant " soaking" and crochet outdoor ( in the shade, of course).

 This time I decided to retake one of my countless UFOs, this is a delicat crochet cardigan that had begun some years ago... (To resume my private war against UFOs in my cave).
 There is´nt pattern, this is a very easy to crochet I saw and liked a long time for a cardigan, simply.

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  1. That's looking very pretty - I love that beautiful colour. Keep cool!!


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