Friday, September 24, 2010

A basic pattern is a treasure

                      I made the last summer dress.
When I found Patrones nº 294 magazine and I found on its front pages this wonderful dress, I knew I had to do it.

 Although I too  knew I didn´t like  the strips of fabric as wide and I  wanted  to give a differente look,  so I bought  rick-rack ribbon  in the same colours navy and red.

 As the title of the post,  have a basic pattern of your exact measurements, with all the adjustments you made in the dress and you know  you look good is comparable to having a little  treasure,  with this pattern and few changes such aschange darts site, add a collar  or sleeves I can make many others garments without fear of having to spend time getting to correct over and over again with news clothes.  A litlle treasure!!!

 So each time  you start a new garment basec on this pattern,  I will link to this post, I will also photographing the small changes you will see the adaptation and  tranformation, if you want to join me in this litlle adventure, you are welcome.

                                       Of course, accesories are  essential to turn a simple dress  into something fun and different.

 This time, I used  again the beautiful earrings that my hubby gave to my  some time along, I never tired of admiring and  I found two fun bracelets that  measure centimeters and inches.
    Perfects for me!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Most hobby of my youngest son

It´s MUSIC! He likes mix music and his favorite DJ is Jazzy Jeff, this DJ is close friend of Will Smith, coincidence?
 Jazzy Jeff appears in some of his perfomances with a bracelet composed of musical notes .... and my son wanted  one.
So I  looked through the costume jewerly shops some musical notes, I could only find G.
But he´s delighted with his new bracelet.  And now his new hobby is mix music of that I will never understand, but that seems like.
  Here are some videos that he has recorded.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blogger Award

  I received a beautiful blogger award from Debi, she´s a beautiful friend.
 I have say ten things about me, well... Let´s go!

- I love 50s and 60s, they´re my favorite periods of time  in fashion.

- Whenever I get older, I like to  sorround myself  whit young people.

- I´m addicted to chocolate, the problem is that it all stays in my waist!!!

- I married in 1984, and was dressed in the 50s, I was 19 years old and I was clear about what I liked in fashion. Yes, she´s me.

-My hair is very, very straight, this is not good for the look of my beloved 50s, I do´nt get  to keep a hat or a clip on its site and when I try curly it, this is the only thing I get.

- I´m left handed and like all left handed I´m a bit dyslexic, this causes minor disasters some times.. There is a  left-handed celebrities list. Did you know that Barack Obama is left handed??

- I was allergic to metals always, I could use gold only; some months ago, I stopped being allergic alyo for not reason, my friend Edgar says I evolved like  Pokemon.

- Mi favorite colour is purple in all shades.

- I collects fans, now I have 41.

- I do not know boredom (giggle)
 Okey, now I have nominate five other bloggers =
- Toñi Palma

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Violet outfit

      Por fín se acabó el calor extremo después de seis laaargos días  y sus seis laaaaaaargas noches y pude acabar  mi conjunto violeta,  sinceramente, no sé cómo he dejado este conjunto de pantalón y top tanto tiempo olvidado en un rincon de mi cueva-costura,  ahora al verlo terminado me doy cuenta que es un básico irresistiblemente cómodo, combinable con otras prendas por separado, minimalista y una apuesta segura que puedo usar desde la primavera hasta el comienzo del invierno, es que lo tiene todo!

He tomado unas cuantas decisiones en el camino de acabado, aunque la prenda inicial  ( que por supuesto saqué de una revista Burda en algún momento) llevaba una cremallera en la espalda, opté por  ponerla al final en el lateral, no me agrada mucho la idea de una cremallera  estirándose en mi espalda cuando estoy sentada, no me parece "limpio".
 Decidí también  dejar unas pequeñas aberturas al final de las costuras  laterales del top y en los bajos del pantalon, simplemente me parecio que resultaban detalles "coquetos".  
 Y opté por dejar el bajo del pantalon hasta el tobillo, creo que queda más acorde con el modelo ( queda pendiente por lo tanto un capri).

En definitiva estoy satisfecha  con este outfit por partida doble:    hay un UFO menos en mi cueva y el resultado final es acorde con mis gustos  y ahora me doy cuenta que podría quedar bien con el cárdigan de crochet que está aún por terminar...
 Así que a por el próximo proyecto! 
Feliz  weekend y que les cunda mucho  a todas ustedes  el tiempo para acabar sus proyectos.