Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blogger Award

  I received a beautiful blogger award from Debi, she´s a beautiful friend.
 I have say ten things about me, well... Let´s go!

- I love 50s and 60s, they´re my favorite periods of time  in fashion.

- Whenever I get older, I like to  sorround myself  whit young people.

- I´m addicted to chocolate, the problem is that it all stays in my waist!!!

- I married in 1984, and was dressed in the 50s, I was 19 years old and I was clear about what I liked in fashion. Yes, she´s me.

-My hair is very, very straight, this is not good for the look of my beloved 50s, I do´nt get  to keep a hat or a clip on its site and when I try curly it, this is the only thing I get.

- I´m left handed and like all left handed I´m a bit dyslexic, this causes minor disasters some times.. There is a  left-handed celebrities list. Did you know that Barack Obama is left handed??

- I was allergic to metals always, I could use gold only; some months ago, I stopped being allergic alyo for not reason, my friend Edgar says I evolved like  Pokemon.

- Mi favorite colour is purple in all shades.

- I collects fans, now I have 41.

- I do not know boredom (giggle)
 Okey, now I have nominate five other bloggers =
- Toñi Palma


  1. Thank you so much, Rosy, for awarding me this Beautiful Blogger award. I am honored to receive this from you.


  2. Love your list!!! So you're allergic to metals too? I LOVE the bit about evolving like pokemon :-) We must be like pikachus :-)

  3. Thank you for the lovely award and its always a joy to learn more about my blogger friends.

  4. Muchas gracias por incluirme. No consigo ver todas las fotos..., será este ordenador. Me encanta el vestido blanco que te has hecho..., en realidad me gusta mucho toda la ropa que haces. Voy a tener que practicar yo un poco con la ropa, porque me está dando algo de envidia...Un besazo.


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