Thursday, October 21, 2010

The big day

  Today, a loooot of pictures and few words.  This is Miss Adri the night before the event.

  And Miss Yaz  whit her elegant dress.

Miss Yaz made the guns,  very creative....

                                             Two good friends ready for fun....

  My oldest son,  he was making the gun for three weekends.  

  On stage, let go of the gun smoke......
  There was a costume contest and guess....... They won !!!!!

                        And Mister Altair.......

     Other participants.....


 And the next day, we had a little surprise..... A small interview in the newspaper.
   A weekend very, very fun.


  1. The costumes you made turned out beautifully! Everyone looked the part and it seems they had great fun. How impressive! Great job!

  2. What fun and the costumes are fabulous! You must be very pleased with how they turned out.

  3. Oh wow! The costumes turned out fabulously! They looked really good! I'm so happy they won the contest AND you got in the paper!

    Like your new blog layout too :-)

  4. Rosy! The best of that day was your visit to Comic meeting! ^___^ Thank you for all once more time! We love you! :DDDDD

  5. They look incredible! Love all of it! How chuffed you must have been with the piccie in the paper!
    Excellent fun!

  6. Looks like it was a fab event!! All costumes are gorgeous but I have to say again: I loooove the silver blouse!

  7. You have made a wonderful job on these costumes! They all seem to have fun!

  8. You are one clever lady! Well done on the costumes, they looked great.

  9. The costumes are so beautiful!

  10. I love steampunk! The girl's costumes came out great. I'm still very afraid of making corsets so I'm very impressed with the construction. :)


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