Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finishing touches

. I wanted to give something more than decoration  to Miss Adri´s corset, so I thought that some pleats on the front center would be interesting.

  After sewing and ironing the pleats, I added these to the center part of the  corset, still hold the bones in the seams of the corset so that it becomes rigid.

Here, some pictures of the skirt and corset finished. The skirt has a longer  backpiece, I sewed a piece of stiff tulle below to get a crinoline effect.

 Of course, I made two crinolines, one for each skirt and every crinoline has three layers of ruffles, underneath all this I made some minibloomers, but I forgot to take photos of they.

 When I finished with the girls started with the costumes for boys, this is a waistcoat I made for my son. The front has fabric below and leatherette over, my son asked me a pocket for the camera in a safe  place.

This is the aspect of the waistcoat after finished, with a piece of patch I made also  a fist to put him on the arm ornament.

The other guy was dressed as a character in a videogame called Altair,  Assassin´s Creed videogame. So I sewed several layers of cloth to an old shirt to get the character costume dresses and accesories with  leatherette too.

Tomorrow, I will put pictures of the event.  Until then, enjoy Wednesday.


  1. Wow! This is so AMAZING and cool!!!

  2. You should receive a mother of the year award! The costumes are so detailed and clever.

  3. Ari's costume is sooo beautiful! :D And she was perfect wearing it! ^^


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