Friday, October 8, 2010

Lavender Dreams

   So... I´m having some syndrome need of hats lately.  The reason  are you, dear bloggers, mainly. You are a source of inspiration and every picture that I see on your blogs make me need more hats  in my wardobre to complete vintage outfits.
Price of hats are astronomical however.  Therefore ideas assault me when I see materials that are in stores for a function, for example,  a simple hat to protec the sun on beach, in my mind are transformed into marvels of the past.  And I can´t think of anything else until  my hands  get to transform it  into a 50s hit romantic style.
. It´s easy, you have to rip the carefully braided raffia  ( tons of patience ) and end up leaving a small circle  to a cap. Then, give physical form to the idea in my mind adjustin ribbons , flowers or anything else that looks nice and cozy , all sewn by hand (plus tons of patience )                                                                                                                       And edging finish  the edge  with a folded  braid to protect the touch ( and your hair  pulling and  tangling probably)

  Sew a comb  in the back of the headdress to secure to hair and run  in search of your husband to teach  your little work of art,  for your husband  to respond with a wrinkled face, "  If you wear that,  I do not go out with you on the street"......   sigh.


  1. A beautiful hat - very chic and elegant!
    A great job!

  2. Well I think that hat is adorable :) and you have transformed an ok beach hat to a stylish piece.

  3. Its Spring racing season in Australia. Your hat would be perfect for a day at the races.


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