Monday, October 11, 2010

Leaping to Future

 Since my adoration for the models of the 50's, I'm going to let me take a leap into the future.

My oldest son and some friends of him are going the next weekend at a meeting held twice a year here, all participants are dressed in themes such as video-game characters, or characters from fiction comics.

There's much variety and the show is insured, so two girls of the group asked me if I could help them with their costumes of Lolitas Steampunk.
After choosing the models that they wanted to wear, I got down to work.
Miss Yaz chose a outfit that consists of  satin silver ruffle-front blouse. Frilly skirt and a corset and black polypiel cuffs.

  This is what I had made untill now about this costume to try on her body and make the corrections that would emerge on the test, then I'll add the frills to the skirt and the missing details according I'll progresses on the confection.

Miss Yaz looked so beautiful at the test of the outfit, this is the most basic of the costume, then I'll add accessories to complete it.
 The second is Miss Adri, she chose an outfit that has airs Victorians, this costume shows a strapless corset with the low end at an angle and a very flimsy skirt in chocolate brown satin.

On the back of the skirt, it has a piece of flight takes effect in a crinoline and is longer than the skirt.

The quickest way of interfacing all the corset was cutting a piece of fabric measuring the height of the costet and a little more, I interniling this whole piece and then cut the pieces of it.
 Miss Adri ended pretty well on the test and we were playing with a piece of Chantilly lace which add further to the corset and skirt.
I'll be putting posts advances costumes to go see the changes throughout the week.
Until tomorrow and happy sewing to all.


  1. It looks awesome, you can see Halloween is on the way!! I love the silver ruffle shirt. How difficult was to do it?

  2. You worke so well Rosy! Wonderful!I hope they have fun!

  3. How fabulously fun for them! You are doing well - I love the silver ruffle shirt too!
    You must post pictures of them finished!!!!

  4. Hi Rosy! Thank you for all your work and advices! I am wishing that Friday comes and to see the costumes finished! You are the best! Thank you, thank you, thank youuu! :DDD


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