Thursday, October 7, 2010

Little things

  This morning, I found a small packet in my mailbox, I was waiting it time ago. Inside it, a lot of small hearts. I bought they on  Ebay.                                                                                
 I love to  make  my own underwear and I sew a small heart to every garment for to remind myself that it is sew with a lot of love, this is one of small pleasures of sew.
 Besides, this is becoming an important part of my way to get a wardrobe made by me in full. 
Make  your own wardrobe has many advantages, for example...  it  guarantees taht any garment  is going to notice it  under your clothes because you fit the elastic to the exact size of your body and nothing  squeezes it.                                                                             

 I use soft  polyamide fabrics for underwear, this  panty is waiting for a shirt of the same tissue, so I can wear this shirt under winter jackets.

One of garment that I more use are culottes, they are  comfortable and are made with a stretch lace band about ten inches hight, so there is´nt need cut fabric  on the top or bottom;  this  prevents me having to use elastic sew, so culotte don´t  press my figure. It´s perfect for dresses.

 Make small items have immediate satisfaction, then you take a few hours to get results.
 Too is satisfaction to wear inside and outside for clothes made by you.
 Easy and quick!
RE-EDIT: the easiest way to do lingerie and be absolutely certain that it will wear well on you is to copy the pattern of a old garment of yourself .


  1. The undergarments came out great and pretty lace fabric.

  2. The undergarments came out really nice. What pattern did you use for the lacey cullotes? Or did you make your own.

    The small heart accent is a great touch.

  3. Very nice. I some point I'm going to start making lingerie. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. You've inspired me to make some underpants for my daughters for Hannukah (Jewish time for giving gift, conveniently in December)

  5. I'm a beginning sewer, but I'll bet I might be able to manage the little culottes. How clever to use a wide lacy stretch band. And what a sweet idea to add the heart!

  6. These are so beautiful - I am very impressed with your lovely work!


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