Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Miss Yaz´s costume

This going to be a post with many pictures and few words, I don't have so much time today and I must translate into a language that's not mine, too.

 So I prefer that the pictures speak for themselves.
I finished much of the costume of Miss Yaz today, starting with the skirt, I marked the lines where they would be sewn the ruffles to make sure they were symmetrical.

Then I stood thoughtfully in a conversation that we Miss Yaz and I had, she wanted me to do a small purse for money or something else while disguised, so I devised a small bag with a slot in the same fabric skirt.
This small pocket was sewn inside the waistband of her skirt, so she can has everything stored in it. When she wants to use something from the bag, she just has to open the side zipper of her skirt and stick his hand. Don't worry, under the skirt there will be two hoops, and it is safe from prying eyes.
                                                                                                                                                      For the shirt, I chose those wonderful and sensitive buttons, they're gold with a diamond imitation.
I had to wrinkle the sleeves on two levels, so I prepared elastic thread in the bobbin of the sewing machine and stitching two laps, it finished a non-aggressive brow contour arm. Very comfortable.

With a velvet ribbon and a cameo brooch I sewed a loop to the neck. Authentic Victorian.

The ruffle of the front is an independent piece, it has eyelets and buckles to the top with the same buttons to close it. So she can wear the blouse with frill or without it, personal choice.

                    So I've had a busy day and very fun, tomorrow ..... accessories                                                                                                                                           

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  1. WOW!!!! I love the outfit! Your ruffles are perfect!


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