Sunday, October 31, 2010

One white cardigan


 Like we never have enough white shirts in the closet. I never have enough white cardigans. The basics of my wardrobe is light colors, I use the little black (most of the time to combine with another color) so I need a jacket in bright colors for when the weather cools. 
 The dress is here.

 When I go to fabric shop and find white jersey fabric, I´m very happy!

 This time I decided I could give it an original touch to my cardigan, something that differs from what we find in the shops and the idea of a  small crochet lace was the perfect solution.

 Having made the cardigan, I sewed the lace crochet around the edge and sleeves, then I went through with the overlock, being careful that the blade does not cut all the lace.

 And I ended up covering all with a small elastic bias, with the intention that the crochet lace stay on the side on the fabric and not forward. 
  Long time I was trying to decide whether to put some kind of closure, buttons and buttonholes were discarded because the socket does not. At the end I thought the original way to close the cardigan is using one of the sweater guard clips that I bought recently on Etsy.

 Today is Halloween in North America. Here, in Spain , we celebrate this holiday otherwise different..
The morning is reserved to bring flowers and visit the graves of loved ones and it´s tradition to eat roasted chestnuts and roasted corn on the cob (which is annunciation of cooler weather). You can find these delicacies stalls throughout the island.

 Of course, in the night we go on party dressed as vampires and monsters..
                                      HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


  1. Ohh I miss eating roasted chestnuts!! I'm from Portugal so know well about the holiday, as it is similar there. No roasted chestnuts sold on the streets in the UK :( (where I live now).

    Love, love your cardigan!

  2. Beautiful work! The crochet is a very nice detail!

  3. Love the cardigan! Happy Halloween!

  4. I just love your cardigan. The crochet detail is perfect. What pattern did you use?

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Very simple but smart sewing. Love the crochet trim.

  6. Very simple but smart sewing. Love the crochet trim.

  7. What a great idea - just whip up a white cardi - the crochet edge certainly adds to it!
    (must get me some clips - that looks excellent!)

  8. Our family enoys eating roasted chesnuts too! I love the crochet detail beautiful cardigan.

  9. Very pretty cardigian - a beautiful wardrobe basic! I love the lace trim.

  10. Great sewing! What lovely Halloween traditions, here in the USA, I am afraid, as usual, it is more about consuming than paying respects to the dead. Another reason to buy buy buy and then throw away. We have roasted chestnuts at Christmas times. I miss the vendor we had when we lived in Boston, but I do roast my own. We have a row of chestnut trees, but the squirrels get them and they have spiny outer casings (ouch!)

  11. Oh, how pretty that sweater is! Your addition of the lacey crochet makes all the difference. I love your sweater guard too!


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