Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Storm, red alert!

 It´s been pouring with rain since Saturday, the weatherman said storm and the island was on red aler.
During all these days, schools have closed, have fallen trees, walls and roads have been inbearable.
But all was not bad... plants of my little garden have come to bask in the rain and have given me pictures like these...

                           Lilies and Thorns of the Lord....

  Bunnies and even some peppers...


 And after the storm comes the calm... is a pleasure to enjoy the wonders of nature..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Very nearly.......

 It´s starting to get cold!!! Meteorolgy announces rain and cold temperatures on Friday from here.... and ... What did I do???
 Go to rummage through my UFO a scarf that has a couple of years sleeping in a corner of my cave-sewing.
 I started this scarf from a pattern of Knitty.com and at some point in my life it was forgotten, but this isn´t  new...
  The problem occurs when I attempt to return the projet and I have to remember to know exactly where to start again!


I remember when I saw the photo of Juno Regina, I immediately imagined a beautiful hot pink scarf.
  Now I want to finish it this weekend and enjoy its wonderful softness to give a "spark" of joy to the cold, gray days.

 The scarf is now 65 inches long. The pattern says that it measured 80 inches when it´s finished,  but I don´t thing that it stretch so much when I lock it . It´s very nearly finished.
      No matter, I like it anyway!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First suit finished

  A day later than planned. I want to show you the full suit across the garments that I made  the past few weeks.

 I´m really pleased with this project, it´s not a dress (I don´t know if the original pattern is a dress ). So independent garments that it´s easier to make new combinations with other garments.

 If you read my humble blog long ago, you know that I love the accessories, they are an indispensable part of an outfit. But also the details of each of the items are important.

 I usually take longer time than planned to sew a garment, usually the ideas on how to improve or take a "personal touch" to the garment in the process assaulted me and I hold to pursue my idea. It´s true that I can take more time... but when I finished it, the pleasure is infinite!

 It´s lovely to dicover some tips on the skirt, the folds are aligned to  the sides, front and back are free, so ther isn´t "lump" and shapes your figure.
                            Now ,  to the next project. Happy week !!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do you remember...........???

 Perhaps you can remember the nicest witch who went on TV in the 60s....
                                        BEWITCHED, yes!!!!!!!
 I vaguely remember seeing a few episodes mid-70s in Spain.
 So a few days ago I was watching these episodes again, when I noticed that wonderful black tie that Samantha wears in her hair.... then I decided that a black velvet bow would look very nice with my suit. I warned you I was looking for accessories for it!!

 Thinking about giving a "special touch" to my bow, I fumbled for my cave (stash) to see what I could find .
 Discover .... an accessory to make a cameo, black velvet ribbon, a lock for the hair ... and ... rescuing tatting lace I started to make many months ago.... First I finished the lace tatting, then I cut a piece of black felt for use  in basic and sew lace it.
 A little tip for the velvet ribbon isn´t "undo" wher I cut .... Apply some clear nail polish. It´s like  "invisible glue".
 Finally, sew the clip of hair on the wrong side of velvet bow.
 Now I have a gorgeous clip for my hair, along with my suit!!!!!
 I recorded a little video for you to see some more of this wonderful lace called tatting. Of course, I´m not an expert, if you want to know more about this way of making lace, you can find videos on youtube, there is a very broad spectrum to learn to do it.
                   You should try...                                                   

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Little things that make sewing easier

 I thought I´d share some small progress in my shirt today, while share some little tricks to a good finish of the garment. However, I do not mean to "teach" anyone, just.. sometimes happens that we learned along the way small details that is good to share.
 For example... I wanted to make a black stitching in contrast with the white blouse to make it perfectly aligned with the edge, is good trick sew a "stitch guide"  in the color of the fabric, then pass contrast stitching just above easier.
 For black stitching is more "colorful" is a good idea to do it with a thick thread, suck as thread twine that we use to sew jeans. If you don´t have thread twine at the time, you can pass two same color wires threading the sewing machine with the two wires together will be the same effect.

 Perhaps your sewing machine to stitck buttonholes got problems.... I had problems with my buttonhole, the needle pricked in the fabric, but the thread didn´t want to stay and skipped stitches leaving irregular, the problem is the fabric.
 The solution is to sew on a piece of paper, once you know where it will be the beginning of the buttonhole, put a piece of paper and lower the foot. Buttonhole is sewn perfectly.

 Finally... While it´s important to sew a button, the buttons are colorful parts of our garments and they are center of attention, please do not pinch the fabric around, this should be "clean"

 Stick the needle into the garment right (not in the wrong part), this will cause the knot is hidden below the button. Then sew the button to start putting a pin between the thread (see photo)

 When the button is sewn, pull thread winding around several times and finish strongly. this will get a small gap between button and fabric, so when you pass the button through the hole, this isn´t tight and not wrinkle the fabric.


 Well, the blouse is finished, now I have to think about the accessories to wear it with the skirt on the weekend.  
                      And you..... Do you know will wear next weekend????

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Testing, testing...

 Start a post with a picture of me ( taken treason) working on my patterns... not a good way to encourage you... but that´s how I´m much of my time totally engrossed between rules and measures to achieve what I have in my mind.

I´m working on getting the shirt that came with the houndstooth skirt. For starters I modified the pattern of this dress, and warned that a basic pattern is a treasure, yes... based on it, you can get any pattern. The changes were few, since the pattern of the dress is checked and it feel good on me, let´s see... 
 I copy the dress pattern and cut it 6.5 inches below the waistline. Close neckline one inch. Add  half inch in the center front line to cross the buttonholes. Add a pattern of short sleeves. With these changes I cut blouse. 
 The image at right shows a quick way to place the sleeve according to the markings of union, then sew the whole side at once.

  For now this is what I have finished of the blouse, just a test to verify that it´s okay. 
 And a lesson learned..... Ladys.... not wearing  a lace bra with this shirt!!!
                        Happy sewing!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Hounds-tooth check Skirt

           I managed to finish the skirt this weekend, so I gave me the urged to use it. Although I haven´t  sewed the  blouse accompanying suit.
 I though that red goes well with the black-white pairing.

 Sorry, this time I took pictures while doing the skirt with the intention of showing some of the process, however, a small error screwed up the photos I had taken. Lately, I´ve thought that there´s  a curse or some kind of "jinx" surrounding me because everything gets complicated. 
Anyway, I can show pictures of a lovely local discovered thanks to some
friends. It´s a place with a decoration far I love ... 50s, yeah!!
   The place is called "American Graffity" and is in a shopping center. Even the food card is printed on vinyl.

  Signing up is like being transported to the scene of one  movie and you have the feeling that at any moment James Dean or Marilyn will ask for a drink...

Even there is a record machine. Is this its name??   It´s a dummy, of course...

Although under the skirt I was wearing my petticoat, the skirt fabric is rather heavy and got crushed when passed hours.. No matter, I enjoyed knowing that it was there. 
 I combined the skirt with a red shirt, red shoes and my hair wore a red square scarf too, of course I could not leave behind my earrings.... and a ring - strawberry by Kawai&Cute.
                                      Accessories are very important for me....