Monday, November 15, 2010

The Hounds-tooth check Skirt

           I managed to finish the skirt this weekend, so I gave me the urged to use it. Although I haven´t  sewed the  blouse accompanying suit.
 I though that red goes well with the black-white pairing.

 Sorry, this time I took pictures while doing the skirt with the intention of showing some of the process, however, a small error screwed up the photos I had taken. Lately, I´ve thought that there´s  a curse or some kind of "jinx" surrounding me because everything gets complicated. 
Anyway, I can show pictures of a lovely local discovered thanks to some
friends. It´s a place with a decoration far I love ... 50s, yeah!!
   The place is called "American Graffity" and is in a shopping center. Even the food card is printed on vinyl.

  Signing up is like being transported to the scene of one  movie and you have the feeling that at any moment James Dean or Marilyn will ask for a drink...

Even there is a record machine. Is this its name??   It´s a dummy, of course...

Although under the skirt I was wearing my petticoat, the skirt fabric is rather heavy and got crushed when passed hours.. No matter, I enjoyed knowing that it was there. 
 I combined the skirt with a red shirt, red shoes and my hair wore a red square scarf too, of course I could not leave behind my earrings.... and a ring - strawberry by Kawai&Cute.
                                      Accessories are very important for me....


  1. Great overall outfit! The colours work great together and the accessories are a beauty!

  2. Rosy, You Look Stunning!
    I love the pairing of the red with the houndstooth - and the Strawberry Ring is sooooo cute!
    Lovely cafe too! That burger is making me hungry!

  3. Love the outfit, accessories included (cute strawberry ring).

  4. Lovely skirt. Funny, I'm making a red t-shirt and black and white checked skirt right now!

  5. Gorgeous outfit. I love the red with the skirt and great accessories.
    The cafe looks like a fun place!

  6. I love how you paired the skirt with the red top... you look great.

  7. Wonderful! I like the retro look up to you!

  8. You are looking very stylish - love the hounsdtooth skirt and your ring is gorgeous!

  9. I love your skirt - the houndstooth fabric is a perfect choice for this style. You look wonderful in this outfit.

  10. Hola!
    A mi me gustaría saber dónde está exactamente este bar tan chulo.
    Gracias y besos,


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