Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Smiles Sweater

    I finished the smiles sweater last weekend, but did not dare to wear it...


  Last Monday was a holiday in Spain, so the weekend was a little longer than usual. I took the opportunity to finish the smiles sweater and was on its way to becoming another UFO and I did not want that to happen.

The neck gave me some problems, did not quite fit well and I did it three times and blotted. Although the first time, I had finished it like knit around the sweater, when I tried it, the neck was too tight and pulling the sweater up, so I got rid this part and I thought it would be okay if I changed to a number of larger needles, so I did it again with a double-pointed needles (used for knitting socks) but remained small.

   Find an organza ribbon in the colors of the sweater was all a blessing.
 The third time, I returned to the first needle and closed end points with a method that taught me some years ago ( I did not remember before). I better do a little video and will be better understood.

  At first I was a little frustrated because I thought the sweater was a little difficult to combine with those colors to loud... I did not combined with black ( the color rescued) but I think the end came quite acceptable, and I got another outtit for my wardrobe....


  1. You made such a nice sweater. You look so lovely in it. I like the multicolor yarn:)

  2. Well done! Lovely colours!
    That bow really sets it off too!

  3. Sorry that your smiles :) sweater was making you frown :( with so many problems, but it certainly turned out well in the end - and looks great on you! I love the addition of the organza ribbon.
    - Susan

  4. I like the colour and the ribbon is a beautiful detail. Its nice to see someone else wear gloves too! I thought I was the only one...


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