Thursday, November 18, 2010

Little things that make sewing easier

 I thought I´d share some small progress in my shirt today, while share some little tricks to a good finish of the garment. However, I do not mean to "teach" anyone, just.. sometimes happens that we learned along the way small details that is good to share.
 For example... I wanted to make a black stitching in contrast with the white blouse to make it perfectly aligned with the edge, is good trick sew a "stitch guide"  in the color of the fabric, then pass contrast stitching just above easier.
 For black stitching is more "colorful" is a good idea to do it with a thick thread, suck as thread twine that we use to sew jeans. If you don´t have thread twine at the time, you can pass two same color wires threading the sewing machine with the two wires together will be the same effect.

 Perhaps your sewing machine to stitck buttonholes got problems.... I had problems with my buttonhole, the needle pricked in the fabric, but the thread didn´t want to stay and skipped stitches leaving irregular, the problem is the fabric.
 The solution is to sew on a piece of paper, once you know where it will be the beginning of the buttonhole, put a piece of paper and lower the foot. Buttonhole is sewn perfectly.

 Finally... While it´s important to sew a button, the buttons are colorful parts of our garments and they are center of attention, please do not pinch the fabric around, this should be "clean"

 Stick the needle into the garment right (not in the wrong part), this will cause the knot is hidden below the button. Then sew the button to start putting a pin between the thread (see photo)

 When the button is sewn, pull thread winding around several times and finish strongly. this will get a small gap between button and fabric, so when you pass the button through the hole, this isn´t tight and not wrinkle the fabric.


 Well, the blouse is finished, now I have to think about the accessories to wear it with the skirt on the weekend.  
                      And you..... Do you know will wear next weekend????


  1. Thanks for the useful tips. Your blouse looks great.

  2. Thanks for sharing those!
    It is a good tip about the topstitching in a different colour - I never thought about using 2 threads though - thanks for that!
    I am going to use your button sewing technique too - I have 12 to sew on sometime today - they will no doubt look better now that I have read your blog!

  3. This blouse will look awesome with your skirt! Love your machine too!

  4. Fabulous tips! Thanks so much! the blouse look fantastic--I can't wait to see it on!

  5. I don't make my own clothing - but I definitely do have to replace buttons occasionally. These tips are most appreciated!

    Look forward to seeing you model your pretty blouse!

    - Susan

  6. I like the contrast, just I need to be very carefull becasue usually I sew it not very straight hehehe and if I make it with a contrast color it will look terrible, I need more practice.
    Thanks for the tips!
    And this weekend I won't wear anything made by me BUT I've been sewing something for my nice and daughter cause in Mexico we celebrate teh Revolucion and today they had a festival at school and tomorrow it will be a parade.

  7. Thanks Rosy for your great tips!! I am going to use your button technique - you are so right about the puckering.


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