Sunday, November 7, 2010

Next Project

 Therefore, I have decided to cross the line... so far I have sewn for me dresses inspired of the 60s because they spend less noticeable to wear and not sufficiently "strange" to go down the street.  
    So come now, I´ll dare to wear down the street a model of the 50s with its skirt "pompous" and all the consequences....

 In my quest to find models from the 50s, I found this picture and I think it´s wonderfully suited to my taste. I always say that I haven´n these patterns, only the pictures, so I make the patterns and I think this picture is composed of a jacket and skirt.

  I also found this picture and I though  that is the same skirt that picture above... so I could make a skirt and a white shirt for this suit and also sew a black jacket trimmed with the fabric of the skirt to the another suit... Great!!!! 
  For the skirt I have prepared a fabric of wool/ polyester very soft, for the white shirt I chose knitted cotton from my stash ( very comfortable) and for the black jacket, I´ll use the leftover fabric of this dress.
              Well..... I need a petticoat......


  1. ooohhh I am so excited! I love both of them!

  2. Wow Rosy! I'm impatient to see these costumes finished! ^^ Good luck! :D

  3. Oooooh - yummy - a Geoffrey Beene!
    How fabulous is this sounding already!

  4. Ooh! How I wish I still had my figure (read a smaller bust and waist.) I'd love to try something like that but it's just not meant to be. I'll love seeing yours though.
    Thanks Rosie for the nice comment you left about my blue animal print set. I have to admit that I do love it. Diana

  5. I think it will look gorgeous - I had problems with the hem when I did a full circle skirt let me know of any techniques you might have!

  6. Hi Rosy, thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog. The patterns are gorgeous. I really like the style of the first picture. That would look amazing made up, its so stylish X

  7. Oh, those styles are right up my alley, I love them too. Can't wait to see you wear what you make. Your comment on my blog about "Beauty and the Beast" makes me laugh, I think you got it so right.


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