Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Testing, testing...

 Start a post with a picture of me ( taken treason) working on my patterns... not a good way to encourage you... but that´s how I´m much of my time totally engrossed between rules and measures to achieve what I have in my mind.

I´m working on getting the shirt that came with the houndstooth skirt. For starters I modified the pattern of this dress, and warned that a basic pattern is a treasure, yes... based on it, you can get any pattern. The changes were few, since the pattern of the dress is checked and it feel good on me, let´s see... 
 I copy the dress pattern and cut it 6.5 inches below the waistline. Close neckline one inch. Add  half inch in the center front line to cross the buttonholes. Add a pattern of short sleeves. With these changes I cut blouse. 
 The image at right shows a quick way to place the sleeve according to the markings of union, then sew the whole side at once.

  For now this is what I have finished of the blouse, just a test to verify that it´s okay. 
 And a lesson learned..... Ladys.... not wearing  a lace bra with this shirt!!!
                        Happy sewing!!


  1. Great fit. You have an amazing cutting table area.

  2. ¡Te queda muy bien! Además, cuando leo su blog casi siempre me recuerdas de mi Señora (pero eres más joven), con quien vivía cuando estudiaba en Segovia hace tres años. Era un ángel y su blog siempre me hace sonreir. :-)

  3. I'm so in awe of your sewing skills....that blouse fits AMAZINGLY! great job!

  4. The fit is perfect!
    It certainly is amazing what you can do with any pattern when you know what to do :)

  5. Awesome. Great illustration of your process.

  6. The fit on that blouse is pure perfection:)


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