Thursday, November 25, 2010

Very nearly.......

 It´s starting to get cold!!! Meteorolgy announces rain and cold temperatures on Friday from here.... and ... What did I do???
 Go to rummage through my UFO a scarf that has a couple of years sleeping in a corner of my cave-sewing.
 I started this scarf from a pattern of and at some point in my life it was forgotten, but this isn´t  new...
  The problem occurs when I attempt to return the projet and I have to remember to know exactly where to start again!


I remember when I saw the photo of Juno Regina, I immediately imagined a beautiful hot pink scarf.
  Now I want to finish it this weekend and enjoy its wonderful softness to give a "spark" of joy to the cold, gray days.

 The scarf is now 65 inches long. The pattern says that it measured 80 inches when it´s finished,  but I don´t thing that it stretch so much when I lock it . It´s very nearly finished.
      No matter, I like it anyway!


  1. I love that you can wear it while knitting it!
    That looks super!

  2. Nice scarf indeed! Yeah I hate to put down a project, forget about it, and pick it up later. Glad you resurrected the scarf---it looks great!

  3. What a beautiful scarf! Hope it keeps nice and warm all winter. We all need some bright colours during the grey, cold days of winter.

  4. Wonderful scarf, the more so because their own hands!

  5. That's a nice bright colour for winter! It's getting colder here too, I could use some knits as well!

  6. Love that 'bufanda', love the color pink. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Can use the picture you have under your perfil? just love the couple at the living, enjoying each other company.


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