Monday, December 27, 2010

Did I spend time this weekend??

       Completed the lavender cardigan I had on the waiting list in my sewing cave.

  After the busy Christmas Eve, with all the preparation of the traditional dinner for the family and exchange gifts, I was exhaustively the weekend to do nothing more than lying on couch, but one thing is my body and another is my mind (which usually go independent), while the body and said she needed to relax, the mind said I had to use the time doing something. 
  Although I started this cardigan without much conviction, the end result is very satisfying, I look at it on the mannequin ( Miss Mercromina) and I really like the look of lace and the sensitivity of the point chosen in combination with color. It looks very romantic and delicate.

 I finished all the selvage of the cardigan with a point that simulates scallops, so when I was thinking how close it, I decided I´d better not be something original to the usual buttons, I searched through my stash and found some gold buttons shaped thimbles, they are perfect!! I only link a small chain including two and  I got some simulacrum of cufflinks. Original and effective!
  I have three balls of yarn left over this. So I was thinking... they are not enough to make any other blouse or top, but I found this chart from expatbeads and I thought this would be the perfect beret for the cardigan, now I have only to look for a dress for it.


For breakfast on Christmas morning I prepared my family some cupcakes that have a very easy recipe, I know they are a safe bet and when I cook, they don´t arrive until many hours later, thinking about the date that is I have chosen a booties shaped mold Christmas .  You can try them, I assure you, are exquisite.

 Ingredients:     3 eggs, 150g butter, 150g sugar, 150g flour, 1 sachet baking powder, 80g of chocolate for dessert, 50g grated coconut.
 Preheat oven to 160º C.  Beat eggs and sugar until mixture is foamy, add the flour sifted with baking powder and butter at room temperature.
  Add the  shredded coconut  and add the chopped chocolate and mix will. Pour batter into cupcake molds and bake 20 to 30 minutes. 
        Enjoy, above all , enjoy.....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It´s a Wonderful Life Suit finished

 I finished the suit of the film in January, " It´s a Wonderful Life". I´m very happy with the result, it´s a very stylish suit with which I feel very comfortable, since the average temperature wher I live is quite soft, the waistcoat is an ideal garment.

 I´m totally in love with the shape of the layer and the wieght it falls on my back, it looks totally majestic yet gentle woman, I feel like an English lady when I wear an umbrella and of course to wear thes suit I will have to use curl in my hair, it´s curious that a hairstyle check both the personality and image you want to project, I learned this only recently, since I started to photograph me with outfits I have come to see the importance of hairdo.

 Finally I chose to put the fabric covered buttons black skirt as suggested Lady Sarsaparrilla, these little details of the buttons and buckle in the back give the waistcoat a touch of distinction in contrast with the fabric squares Wales that make it very original, with the little push Sarsaparrilla (wink)
 I also want to thank Lauren and Ruth by their help with the name of the mitered corners, I haven´t great knowledge of English and sometimes the names used in English and Spanish for the same thing aren´t the same, so I often  can committing a bit silly with the language, your help is highly valued.

 Accessories .... when I have to wear an outfit the next day or when I finish one of them (like now), my mind works hard the night before at the time that we are under a good blanket and resting on the pillow, it tries to wander to accessories which I have at home can do better with these colors, or the look that I want to show...

 In this case, my mind got a lot of laps, but eventually I came to the conclusion that the suit is fairly complete in itself, so I just wore ablack knitted beret ( I was grateful at this moment in my termporary insanity ), stockings whit sewing completely hooked 40s look and a small brooch of my little collection ( pictured below)

 The skirt.... when I went to distribute the patterns to cut the skirt and necck vest, I found I had little more than a yard of black fabric, so I could not cut a pleated skirt, had to be a simple pencil skirt, the pattern of this skirt perfectly and even served on a piece of cloth for covering buttons.

 This skirt is a basic will spend a lot in my wardrobe this winter, for example, with this top of the previous outfit.... will... step by step, I´m getting a wardrobe sewn for me and combined with each other. 
 Mmm........ now I think I desperately need some color in my closet...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A very lucky girl .....

                                      Yes, that I´m..... a very lucky girl!!!!


Since not win anything in my life, I happened to win twice in such a short time. A few weeks ago was a beautiful vintage pattern that gave Erin and now I have got this beautiful set of vintage Christmas decoration from Jessica (Chronically Vintage Blog) , she even had the detail to dedicate a post to me!!!
 I´m very thankful that these little things become great joy when the postman comes to my door and brighten my day.

 The gift came very coquettishly packaging as you can see from the photos, and altghough the draw was made Jessica in hers blog, it´s a gift from Joanne, Vintage Twee. Please you have to see theirs blogs and greet they.
 Accept both my thanks and be assured that my Christmas decorations are now in a home that appreciates them. Thanks Jessica and Joanne!!!

                                                                              Wonderful and adorable gifts for the holidays feel at home....

 I want also to thank all the beautiful girls that went through my previous post to give me your support in my momentary insanity, all are adorable and made me feel good. Thanks!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Waistcoat with cape finished!

  I finished the waistcoat yesterday evening, but could not take pictures of it until I ironed very carefully this afternoon. In fact, the fabric is very grateful and didn´t need a lot of steam to take shape, but I can´t spend much time sewing lately and this makes the project takes longer than necessary.

 Still, I´m very pleased with this waistcoat, the joy I feel when I see a completed garment is like a small explosion inside the stomach, I still marvel at the little miracle of having a piece of cloth and clothing that I get that had in mind when I started to shape a piece of paper with a ruler (I´m rambling again... but you can understand me, right?)
  I added some details insane to the waistcoat, emphasizing the combination of black fabric that I´m going to use for the skirt, I sewed a small buckle on the back.                                                             


 The small capelet has all the hem with an insert, because although it´s back is cut straight, side bends and it was impossible to make a hem from the same fabric uncut. A  detail of the front corners, here in Spain, this is called cloth corner, I do not know how to call it in English.

 I wiuld not sew the garment from the inside like a waistcoat, I treated it like a jacket, how to waistcoat is different.

       A strip of fabric is light blue satin adds a touch of elegance to the shell.

  Now the buttons are pending which I commanded line they in the haberdashery  with the black cloth of the skirt, I finally decided this option, because the contrasts of black fabric. I like the highlights.
  While I´ll sew the skirt and thinking about the accessories that will go to this suit. 
                                          I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend Hunting!!

 Last weekend hubby and I went for a ride to the center of the island and was very well spent time...

 The road to the center of the island is a joy for the sight, the autumn scenery offers fantastic colors and the air your breathe fresh..

 Furthermore, when we arrived, we found that ther craft fair in the town that we were going.

 I came home with a few gifts and I decided to make a challenge against myself.
 How long am I able to be without buy??
 These are my last purchases of the year, so I titled this post, "weekend hunting".
 The challenge is to spend as much time as possible without buying any "whim". This challenge does not, of course, things like zippers, thread and buttons, these elements are indispensable in my daily life and not a major expense. Maybe you want to join my challenge....
  However I am going to share with you the little treasures that I have in my possession now, each is desingnated to outfit, but may be repeated. I will go the way revealing the purpose of objects in successive post.
 Nothing was bought on an impulse, everything is  designed.

 A small bag with upholstery fabric , I smiled when I discovered that it closes with a small key, this bag made me remember the suitcases of the college that I used when I was little ( at the time of the dinosaurs...)

 Black sunglasses, cat eye, of course, your should know that 50s are my favorite fashion era

 Beige Sunglasses, eye cat, of course, these glasses will be more difficult to use because they are completely covered in rhinestones, but they are soooooo cute!!!

 One dark red cardigan trimmed in navy blue, I´m going to spend a lot this pledge and dedicate a post to this.

                             Navy blue gloves, irresistible, combined, essential...

  Finally, gray gloves, these are a little longer and also are intended to suit that is taking shape in my head ( for now)
             And you.... Are you in the mad whirl of shopping???

Friday, December 10, 2010

Adjustments and corrections

 To begin with the waistcoat-cape I returned to the base pattern that I used on other models and I started to copy it again, so I always kept the pattern I have the last clothe with all the corrections on if I want to repeat that pledge.

 When the basic pattern was copied again, I made the changes required for the new midel, cut the armholes one inch all around , to leave enough gap if I want to wear a shirt with sleeves under the waist coat and that not throw.
 Down the line six inches to sew neck collar tuxedo and a collar tuxedo to cut into the black contrast color.
 And again by copying the basic pattern to shape the small capelet.

  With these three pieces I have enough to start cutting the waistcoat, always being careful to cut around the right way so that after the squares fit together properly.

  Any corrections made were take a pinch on the front dart and cut round out the capelet in the area where the arm, this last amendment had been planned, because it´s expected that the fabric has a greater weight in this part because here it´s the bias of the fabric.
 Now I´m going to cut the black neck, and  the lining  to enjoy sewing this model over the weekend.
                           Happy sewing, ladys!