Friday, December 10, 2010

Adjustments and corrections

 To begin with the waistcoat-cape I returned to the base pattern that I used on other models and I started to copy it again, so I always kept the pattern I have the last clothe with all the corrections on if I want to repeat that pledge.

 When the basic pattern was copied again, I made the changes required for the new midel, cut the armholes one inch all around , to leave enough gap if I want to wear a shirt with sleeves under the waist coat and that not throw.
 Down the line six inches to sew neck collar tuxedo and a collar tuxedo to cut into the black contrast color.
 And again by copying the basic pattern to shape the small capelet.

  With these three pieces I have enough to start cutting the waistcoat, always being careful to cut around the right way so that after the squares fit together properly.

  Any corrections made were take a pinch on the front dart and cut round out the capelet in the area where the arm, this last amendment had been planned, because it´s expected that the fabric has a greater weight in this part because here it´s the bias of the fabric.
 Now I´m going to cut the black neck, and  the lining  to enjoy sewing this model over the weekend.
                           Happy sewing, ladys!


  1. How smart of you to so carefully keep such good records of past fitting successes. Your effort has paid of in a darling cape that will be beautiful and fit perfectly.

  2. Wow! This is are so talented! It will look absolutely stunning and I'm enjoying seeing your progress from idea to design to alterations to sewing!

  3. That is SO cute!! I just saw a capelet the other day and loved it. I think I need to get cracking on some winter time sewing projects!

  4. I love your smile in the last photo!
    And look - the Angel has wings!
    Thanks for posting all of your progress on this - fascinating! I am just loving the fabric - can't wait to see it against the black!
    Sew well!

  5. I am loving your blog! I wandered over from Jessica's blog Chronically Vintage. Congrats on winning her contest and very nice to "meet" you.



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