Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reached the end of my sweet hopes

 Sometimes happiness is composed of small things, small gestures of others who were anonymous for some time and suddenly, one day cease to be,  and then they become part of your thinking and your daily life. 
 No, I do not mean the postman... , the postman gave me a joy this morning...

 Some time ago, I found a blog that I liked and I started to frequent, Vande Historic Costuming,  she makes the most wonderful costumes you can enjoy and I do not cease to be amazed by her ability.
 Last mont, she returned to amaze me when she decided to make a gift, on the anniversary of her blog, with much honesty on her way to choose the winner.
  I´m eternally grateful, twice... one for the gift, and once she had begun in me a new "vice"....
 collection of old patterns.
 Now I haven´t excuse to sew a hat with every dress!!
                                           Thanks so much, dear E.

                                     To celebrate it, I gave my family a sweet "honey bows"
                        If you want to try, you need to puff pastry, condensed milk and honey.

  Cut strips of pastry and "paste" with condensed milk instead joining two strips each.
 Twisting to form bows, "irrigate" this with a mixture of honey, condensed milk and water equal parts, all warm.

  Place the oven heated to 180º C until the "bows" are golden.
 Cool slightly and return to "irrigate" the ties with the mixture of water, honey and condensed milk.
 Sprinkle with powdered sugar, these bows will be better the next day.

                                                Happy sewing whit flavor of Chritsmas...


  1. Congrats on winning such a great pattern! and yum! those sweet bows look delicious!

  2. You are so sweet - and I think it is fabulous that you have paid the kindness forward and now your family have had a treat too!
    It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

  3. Oh my, those hats are sooo cute. Can't wait to see one sewn up.

  4. I might try to make those delicious looking bows too! :)

  5. Congratulations on the contest... and yum yum... the bows look so yummy

  6. I will be waiting to see you now in hats of your own creation. They will look fabulous!
    Those bows look unbelievably delicious.

  7. What a beatiful pattern to win! Your honey bows look delicious I will try your receipe - thanks for sharing!!

  8. LOVE the hat pattern! And your honey bows look wonderful.

  9. Rosy,
    You have just made me so hungry with your yummy bows!

    I love the way Vande Historic Costuming chose to do her giveaway. I wish I had thought of that.

    Hey, you stopped by recently and read a post about my giveaway. I bet you were confused when you read it because none of the details were there! What happened is that I accidentally published the post before I was done writing it! I now have all the details in case you're interested. :-)

  10. Hi there! I'm the newest follower to your gorgeous blog!

    Sooooo inspiring! Your sewing is so professional looking and beautifully finished. ...i'm off to read the rest of the posts...

    june xx

  11. I love the pattern! Those hats are gorgeous!!

    I found your blog on vavoom's link up list :) I'm your newest follower!!



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