Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A very lucky girl .....

                                      Yes, that I´m..... a very lucky girl!!!!


Since not win anything in my life, I happened to win twice in such a short time. A few weeks ago was a beautiful vintage pattern that gave Erin and now I have got this beautiful set of vintage Christmas decoration from Jessica (Chronically Vintage Blog) , she even had the detail to dedicate a post to me!!!
 I´m very thankful that these little things become great joy when the postman comes to my door and brighten my day.

 The gift came very coquettishly packaging as you can see from the photos, and altghough the draw was made Jessica in hers blog, it´s a gift from Joanne, Vintage Twee. Please you have to see theirs blogs and greet they.
 Accept both my thanks and be assured that my Christmas decorations are now in a home that appreciates them. Thanks Jessica and Joanne!!!

                                                                              Wonderful and adorable gifts for the holidays feel at home....

 I want also to thank all the beautiful girls that went through my previous post to give me your support in my momentary insanity, all are adorable and made me feel good. Thanks!!


  1. How pretty is your tree - and how lovely that you have won again - and such pretty ornaments!
    Congrats to you Rosy - you are very deserving of the honour
    (and you are making me want to have bangs again....)

  2. Felicidades!!!!!!!!! igual que yo, este año gane dos veces!!! se siente super bien ganar algo alguna vez en la vida...pero DOS, se siente mucho mucho mejor!!!!!!!!!
    Estan muy bonitos los adornos!


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