Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend Hunting!!

 Last weekend hubby and I went for a ride to the center of the island and was very well spent time...

 The road to the center of the island is a joy for the sight, the autumn scenery offers fantastic colors and the air your breathe fresh..

 Furthermore, when we arrived, we found that ther craft fair in the town that we were going.

 I came home with a few gifts and I decided to make a challenge against myself.
 How long am I able to be without buy??
 These are my last purchases of the year, so I titled this post, "weekend hunting".
 The challenge is to spend as much time as possible without buying any "whim". This challenge does not, of course, things like zippers, thread and buttons, these elements are indispensable in my daily life and not a major expense. Maybe you want to join my challenge....
  However I am going to share with you the little treasures that I have in my possession now, each is desingnated to outfit, but may be repeated. I will go the way revealing the purpose of objects in successive post.
 Nothing was bought on an impulse, everything is  designed.

 A small bag with upholstery fabric , I smiled when I discovered that it closes with a small key, this bag made me remember the suitcases of the college that I used when I was little ( at the time of the dinosaurs...)

 Black sunglasses, cat eye, of course, your should know that 50s are my favorite fashion era

 Beige Sunglasses, eye cat, of course, these glasses will be more difficult to use because they are completely covered in rhinestones, but they are soooooo cute!!!

 One dark red cardigan trimmed in navy blue, I´m going to spend a lot this pledge and dedicate a post to this.

                             Navy blue gloves, irresistible, combined, essential...

  Finally, gray gloves, these are a little longer and also are intended to suit that is taking shape in my head ( for now)
             And you.... Are you in the mad whirl of shopping???


  1. I love the rhinestone glasses!! Your outfit is great!

  2. What lovely scenery!
    I love your purchases - those gloves are sure to get good use - as, too, the navy and red cardigan.
    Wow - I don't think I have ever seen a handbag with a lock before - how cool!

  3. I am loving your skirt in that first pic! Those gray gloves are divine. I'm with you, I've been shopping like a mad women lately. I know I shouldn't spend the money this close to Christmas but you know what they say, the girl can't help it! :) xoxo

  4. Excellent buys!! And I love the sunglasses!

  5. I would love to do the challenge with you! Your skirt is fabulous and I just love the sunglasses and gloves, ohh I like it all! P.S thanks for your lovely comments on my designs it made my day!

  6. Que buenas compras hiciste!! y que bonito lugar!

  7. Beautiful fall pictures! And great buys, very strong of you to only shop for designated outfits. I find that it really pays off to plan the outfit carefully, the end result is so much better than when I just whip something toghether.

  8. Ey! I know this place! Hehehe...

    Really you found your purchases here? I'm really surprised... I've discovered today the importance of to know how look for the things you want :D


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