Monday, January 31, 2011

Different hairstyle and fast in a minute

As an adventure, I prepared a quick hair (just a minute) and different with a little tutorial for you.
  This hairstyle requires a small device, but it is easy to get to the steps that I photographed at the end of this post so that you can get the same result.
   You can click on the photos for a larger vision. The first step is to collect all the hair with a small elastic.
              Place the gadget  in the center of hair behind elastic as shown in photo.
                                        Skip all the hair that hangs inside the ring
                            Pull down gently gadget bringing back the hair elastic.
                                       Here you can see how the hair down gently ....
                    The hairstyle is achieved, to accommodate the hair to look better
The end .... put a hair clip or a small cloth to cover the elastic.
  The appearance of the hair varies simply making the top bun higher or lower.
          To make a gadget "home", a piece of wire needed to manipulate it malleable, (40 centimeters).
       Join the two ends, leaving one higher than another and cover tightly with adhesive tape, starting as seen in the photo and going after the tape (roll) halfway.
You get something like this. This is an easy way out perfectly groomed in a very short time. No doubt you can make changes in this style with everything your imagination invents, please ... share.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My blue floral dress

Although I finished yesterday evening dress for Sew Weekly this week, (the theme this week was something blue floral) I could not wear it until this afternoon, well, wear it in a manner of speaking only on the day of today is so dark and gray, threatening rain I could not take decent photos.
The pattern of the dress is inspired by this image of a pattern that I saw on the net, probably from the time of the second half of the 60s.

I was excited when I found this picture and remembered a fabric that was saved in my stash from a few years ago, I believe the union of the fabric to the model, is entirely symbiotic, but in the process ... The mind will work independently and clothing suffered any changes, just added white strips of fabric at the hem of the sleeves too.
  The shoes carried the girl in the blue dress has a slight resemblance to the ones I had stored in my closet, so that for some reason this outfit was hinting me.
Anyway I had problems with the amount of fabric .... (of course). The raglan sleeves and also spend a fair amount folds were folded in her lap, I managed to get by a seam, so I could put the pieces of irregularly shaped pattern, which is not very important because the design of the fabric as permits.
Playing with the possibilities of a garment is one of my favorite diversions, so when I finish sewing a dress ... then my mind starts to make an imaginary journey to every corner of my wardrobe and locate the various parts or accessories that can serve to set.
It's funny because before starting to write this blog, I used to do this before and ended up sewing a garment hung on a hanger until I got the opportunity to use it, when this happened ... I left in a hurry and then I regretted not having put that scarf or these shoes because normally I remembered this when I was away from home ... but now this game is a mental exercise location very grateful. Am I the only??
            So with this dress I can carry a crochet bag  I did some time ago,
                          With the white bag that I used for the polka dot dress

  Of course the shoes are an essential part in this dress acclimate to get it in the 60s and can add a white belt ...

Flower earrings that I made long ago are an original touch and an appropriate floral theme, do not you think the same??
   And finally an original and simple hairstyle (I put the weekend how to do it in a post) that made me feel in total harmony with the theme of the era of inspiration ...

Hey! I feel a little "Twiggy" (with many, many sizes too, of course )....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blue floral dress

This time I went into "The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle". I knew this page thanks to the lovely Alina, she gave me information and helped me a lot.
   This site has a weekly theme for sewing, the theme this week is blue floral, so I looked in my stash a fabric according to the subject.

 The chosen model is very summery, so I may enjoy it within a few months, the fabric is linen with some polyester, so it has the right mix to be fresh and not too wrinkled.

Although the model chosen (I haven´t the pattern, I drew it ) has two pleats in the skirt I had some problems that the existing fabric was 1.25 meters, so I had to adjust quite a bit and eliminate deep in the folds to make the raglan sleeves, but it turned out.
For parts of the neck and front band will pull out a clipping piece of cotton pique who served in a dress once long ago. I thought that it would be nice detail in the cuffs and now I really like the effect achieved.
Now I must hurry .... has yet to dress the movie this month.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A very versatile dress

It all started when I decided I was a little tired of winter clothes and decided I wanted some color in my closet.

I had a problem with the capelet, you remember that the cloth was a piece spots left over from another dress years ago, so it was impossible to get more and I had to settle for a piece I had, so that after cutting the top dress and the bow of the neck, had only this to line the capelet. The result is a capelet with polka dots inside front and back fabric interior with blue cloth dress. I also would have liked longer to live up to the capelet, but there was more material ...

Accessories are important, you know .... white shoes, white handbag, white lace gloves, blue earrings are amazing twins of these and have been waiting patiently in a drawer to show up the right clothes to show off.
To close the capelet, I just did two small buttonholes and the closing went through them I did here with two thimbles buttons and a piece of string them together.

I love the dress, I admire its cheerful color and the arch of the neck but it didn´t go as wide as the image of the pattern (I do not have this pattern, only the image), because of the lack of material, but I still I think it was very good.
  At the end I fold back the comfort of the dress but not required, it is just a decorative element, but eliminated the band of blue that is the pattern image in the lower chest.

I can do the dress more "informal " to wear every day if I combine it with a white cardigan, maybe this is a summer dress and cardigan over it keeps me warm when it's a bit of fresh air ...

                                                        But maybe rain today ....

So I turn the dress into something more wintry, coordinating it with a coat the same color in my wardrobe takes about three years.
   Now ... I had so much fun making this dress, I really enjoyed looking for accessories to match and now it is time to have some fun out of walk with it ...
     You know Lady, have fun sewing.