Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blue floral dress

This time I went into "The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle". I knew this page thanks to the lovely Alina, she gave me information and helped me a lot.
   This site has a weekly theme for sewing, the theme this week is blue floral, so I looked in my stash a fabric according to the subject.

 The chosen model is very summery, so I may enjoy it within a few months, the fabric is linen with some polyester, so it has the right mix to be fresh and not too wrinkled.

Although the model chosen (I haven´t the pattern, I drew it ) has two pleats in the skirt I had some problems that the existing fabric was 1.25 meters, so I had to adjust quite a bit and eliminate deep in the folds to make the raglan sleeves, but it turned out.
For parts of the neck and front band will pull out a clipping piece of cotton pique who served in a dress once long ago. I thought that it would be nice detail in the cuffs and now I really like the effect achieved.
Now I must hurry .... has yet to dress the movie this month.


  1. I LOVE this! YAY! so glad you sewed along with the Sew Weekly!!! I adore those cute!!

  2. That is a beautiful color. I love the shoes. Your work is beautiful!

  3. So pretty - especially with those shoes!

    Hey - YES, of course you can grab the Sears catalog dress photos from my blog for your inspiration. I am happy to help out!

  4. Blue is definitely your signature colour.

  5. Beautiful fabric! Gorgeous shoes! The colour looks wonderful on you.

  6. I love the dress and the shoes are fantastic!


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