Monday, January 31, 2011

Different hairstyle and fast in a minute

As an adventure, I prepared a quick hair (just a minute) and different with a little tutorial for you.
  This hairstyle requires a small device, but it is easy to get to the steps that I photographed at the end of this post so that you can get the same result.
   You can click on the photos for a larger vision. The first step is to collect all the hair with a small elastic.
              Place the gadget  in the center of hair behind elastic as shown in photo.
                                        Skip all the hair that hangs inside the ring
                            Pull down gently gadget bringing back the hair elastic.
                                       Here you can see how the hair down gently ....
                    The hairstyle is achieved, to accommodate the hair to look better
The end .... put a hair clip or a small cloth to cover the elastic.
  The appearance of the hair varies simply making the top bun higher or lower.
          To make a gadget "home", a piece of wire needed to manipulate it malleable, (40 centimeters).
       Join the two ends, leaving one higher than another and cover tightly with adhesive tape, starting as seen in the photo and going after the tape (roll) halfway.
You get something like this. This is an easy way out perfectly groomed in a very short time. No doubt you can make changes in this style with everything your imagination invents, please ... share.


  1. Looks great! I'll try and make that gadget too! :)

  2. What a great gadget and gorgeous hair! Will definitely make one for me :)

  3. ooh! I might make one of those myself. J

  4. This is awesome! Thanks! I'm always looking for new stuff to do to my hair! <3

  5. That looks like fun - your hair looks really pretty. :)

  6. I am so glad you are one of my follower's....come back by I am having a blog give away for my blogs first birthday.

  7. I like this look. I use to have one of these little gadgets when my daughter was younger. It was fun and easy to do her hair up.

  8. Me sigo admirando ante las manos y el gusto que tienes. Y me alegra de que hagas tantas cosas para ti. Se te ve feliz. Un besazo

  9. First - a great big thank-you to you. Your parcel has arrived. It's absolutely beautiful. Gracias!
    Love your gadget. I used to do this to my daughter's hair (and my hair when it was long), but I pulled it through with my fingers. This looks so much easier. Great idea!

  10. Hi Rosy! I tagged you on my blog with an "I love your blog" award in this post:

    Monique xx


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