Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do you know when the universe conspires for you to get something?

How I felt when I found this cardigan while ago, then came to my mind this pattern that I had saved some of my files (just the image)
I know that the pattern actually plays a jacket, but the cardigan is just like when I saw it in the store is like a light bulb lit in my head and the heart beat faster, there it was!
Like pieces of a puzzle, in my mind joined the cardigan that was before me with the skirt I made some time ago and blue gloves that I found along with the cardigan, the pieces fell into place ....
But there was the bag that I was quite happy, so I searched through my stash something I could use ... yay!! A piece of fabric from sewing cushions years ago were the solution, I believe I could not find material more akin to drawing bag if I go to the store to find it
Also found in my stash a piece of fake fur in the same blue ... I assure you that this is nothing unusual ... I have a different cloth saved for many years (for years I was a Shopaholic fabric) my fabric stash is my greatest treasure, someday I'll take a photo of it.
 I thought I could get something very similar if embroidered with thread the color of the cardigan the center of the flowers, so I did a test and I think it works, Do you think about??
This makes this a long term project, like when I crochet, to fill the minutes waiting in the car. I'm going to draw a pattern of the panels of the bag and cut them, these two pieces of fabric together with the embroidery thread, needle and scissors go in the car with me all day, every time that I have minutes of waiting, I'll fill embroidery and then sew the bag. I am very excited .....


  1. oh my! It's perfect! First the cardigan which is exactly like the jacket on the pattern and then the skirt, the gloves and the fabric! The bag fabric is PERFECT--it's exactly like the pattern! How great!!! I love the embroidery lovely!

  2. This is a great project. I am sure the nag will look terrific! Looking forward to updates


  3. Serendipity! The beg will look so detailed and gorgeous when it's finished.

  4. The outfit is gorgeous I love the colour but also very excited to see the bag done. The fabric pattern is gorgeous and the embroidery is going to give it a very special extra touch.

  5. Wow, that's so crazy! That bag and the fabric you have are identical!

  6. I would love to see your fabric stash sometime. I am amazed that you found fabric that's so similar to the purse illustration on the pattern.

    What a big project that will be to add embroidery to each of the flowers - but your purse is going to look gorgeous!

  7. Your outfit is beautiful as if made for each other! I can't wait to see the bag and that must be a relaxing thing to do with moments of extra time!

  8. OOOHH!! WOW!!! Todo coincide!! incluso la tela para que te hagas la bolsa!!! WOW y mas WOW!!!!
    Que bonito es como dices tu, que el unvierso te ayude a encontrar las cosas que quieres!!


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