Monday, January 3, 2011

I was in need of color!

  Well, I warned you that I needed color in my closet...
 I have this image stuck in my head for many months, I come back to tell you that I haven´t pattern, just the image I " borrow" from any page I can´t remember. I´m in love to all vintage patterns and images on the net, so when I find some of them I like to keep it in my files that has been something like my wish list.
  So when at some point last year, I found this pattern in a page, I immediately knew that I had in my stash fabrics that have saved a lot of years there, I´m not exaggerating, the white  with blue polka dots fabric is a remnant left over an  Andalusian dress I sewed for my sister to a theater in her school, she could be ten or twelve years old, now she is 34 years old, you can expect years...

 To cut this dress, I went back to using the pattern of the dress I sewed for me last year to attend the wedding of my niece.
  The pattern is magically like this, the only changes I made were to remove the side seams of the skirt to make them a simple seam side and extend the sleeve to simulate a small sleeve seamless.                                                                                                                                

 I had no trouble cutting the blue because I  had enough for the little dress and capelet, but with the white fabric (I remind you that it´s a remnant) I had to make some decisions, because there was not  sufficient for all I don´t want to lose the bow  that carries the dress in the neck, I think it´s a main part of the model, so I chose to line the capelet only in the front so that there´s enough fabric for the bow.

  For now this on what I have, a project of clothing that will give me great joy to use. The drawing of the original pattern is at the junction of underbust a strip of blue fabric added, but I´m still deciding in I´m going to get it, I think it added a package without any utility, the original on the back also has a fold I think it just adornment, if the dress is sleeveless not need a fold of convenience as it will not pull the arms of it, anyway I put it.

   Still, I´m not sure to complete the dress and capelet until they have finished the Christmas holidays here, you remember that Spain is a country with Catholic religion, so Christmas has its final on January 6, when celebrates the adoration of the three Magi to the infant Jesus
 By this date, I hope you´re resting from the Christmas holidays or enjoying a great time, I´m sill immersed in Christmas shopping, road congestion and abuses of people rushed to buy the last gifts before Epiphany.

 This is one reason I´ve been so long without writing anything further on January 7th I will be 27 years married to a wonderful man who has accompanied me all this time, so I´ll be Anniversary Celebration Weddings that day, please have a little patience me, I promise to return soon... because the project in January suit whit its classic film is waiting too.....


  1. This dress is gorgeous on you and fits you perfectly! I love the colour combination also. Thanks for your sewing details, helpful as usual. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you!!

  2. What lovely colour! Beautiful work as always - I can't wait to see the capelet!
    That shape and colour combination is really flattering! And I think maybe the fold of fabric on the underbust is just decorative - my 1953 Horrocks dress had something similar. I don't think it really needs it - it is just fab!

  3. It's a gorgeous dress, suits you very well! I bet the capelet looks great too.

  4. Oh! Beautiful! Amazing how you "just managed to have" the same polka dots as in the picture. Will be waiting to see the full outfit!

  5. You're too adorable, beautiful dress- quirky and feminine.

    We're planning to celebrate 3 Kings day here, too. :)

    27 years, congratulations! I always ask people with long marriages what's the secret?

  6. Now I was curious and had to see. In fact, it's the same theme of my book.
    Your dress looks almost good!
    I wish you a beautiful wedding day and look forward to your return!

  7. Another beautiful dress! The color and style of the dress looks wonderful on you.

  8. What a glamourous outfit! The colour is bright indeed but it's nicely toned down by the spotted fabric, it's a success :)

  9. I can't believe that you remembered that you had saved that remnant of polka dot fabric from so many years ago! You look fabulous in this dress. Hope you'll show us what you look like with the capelet & bow when it's finished!

    I hope your 27th Anniversary day was a beautiful one - congratulations!
    - Susan


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