Monday, January 17, 2011

The January giveaway is on its way .....

Just a quick post to show what will come tomorrow in the Post Office to Canada.
Although this gift was a little improvised contest because I thought it at the time, I decided I had to strive so that the receptor was happy to receive more than a hair clip.
So at the end, the  January gift consists of a scarf, a hair clip shaped cameo with an edge of tatting and a brooch set with the same motif tatting cameo and of course all handmade by me (with love)

The scarf has a name ... like the polka dots are irregular and of different sizes, I think it's a crazy scarf. I spent this appliance with a very tight around me and I added a label.

I spent the weekend doing the tatting lace to have everything ready for Monday, I wanted everything to be perfect ....Some velvet ribbon made the final touch of the clip.

I hope Irene is happy with the gift and I thank all participants, you do not forget that there will be a different gift each month in the choice of suit from the movie of the month, so you have a chance to win every month. I already in progress I have the gift of February ....

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  1. Oh, my! These are all absolutely gorgeous! Can't believe that I will be the lucky recipient. I LOVE polka dots. I love cameos. The anticipation is going to kill me.


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