Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Lover come back" January film

I finally signs of life ... This post will be with some writing and lots of images because they belong to the film in January, "Lover Come Back. " In Spain it was a lot of fun, "Pajamas for two. "
First of all, I want to thank all readers dear friends who passed through this humble blog to wish me a happy anniversary, I am very grateful and I was very wrapped up with all the affection that I received. Thanks!
Now I ask you please watch and enjoy all the magical garments displayed in this hilarious film (I recommend it) because I am going to propose a little game to you to make this blog a bit more interactive.
I've been one hour last night with my computer to do all the screenshots of all the outfits that appear in this film, and a few hours this morning to upload photos to blog, there was a small war between Mr. Blogger and I trying to place the photos in order, but it was impossible ... for now Mr. blogger wins the battle, so the pictures are not arranged in strict order of appearance, but that does not care much for what I do ...
I need only you to enjoy the various outfits and give your opinion about which of them is most like you ....You can click on photos for large version if Mr. blogger allows.



I could not pass up this great bathing suit that looks like one of the girls in the movie, you can appreciate the clever dart in his chest to emphasize it.
 However, this model does not fit into the guessing game that I suggest to you, you may have guessed I would not be very glamorous in a swimsuit as well.


This  pretty dress looks under her coat with fur collar that appears in the photos above, I die for that delicate apron Doris wears.

Now that you saw all the pictures, I suggest to you ...
  Although I have chosen the suit that I'm going to sew in this January, even I have the fabric already prepared, you may be able to guess which I chose ...
  To make the guessing game more interesting, I'll get around to all comments on this post something that I will build throughout the week, maybe a hair clip like this that I made some time ago (I will do the same for a this giveaway)

You just have to leave a comment on this post and say what suit you think  I've chosen to sew this month. It's that simple!
  The winner will be chosen at random, you can win even if your answer isn´t correct, it´s just fun ...
   You can leave comments on this post until next Friday at 12.00 pm, (time GTM 00) this is the time where I live.

This guessing game will be repeated every month to choose the suit from the movie of the month and I'll give away some small gift made by me, so you have a chance each month to be a winner.
The next weekend I will make an entry to share with you the suit that I have chosen and the winner of the draw, until then I'll be sewing the dress I have on my cutting table now. The blue and whitepolka dot.
 Happy week, dear friends!!!


  1. I'm thinking that perhaps you would have chosen the white suit in the restaurant scene. All the outfits are beautiful. (Did people really dress like that back then?)

  2. Frankly speaking I cannot bet which outfit would you choose. But the pictures are lovely and if i were you I'd choose either the red ress or the grey dress od the coat with the fur collar (lovely). Very positive post:-)

  3. Thankyou for commenting on my blog. Your blog is fabulous and you have such a great sense of style. I love the fashions of the 50's

  4. Don't you just love Doris Day? Her outfits were always fabulous. (I'd love to have her figure too, lol) As for what you are sewing, I'd guess thee pink suit? They are all so lovely it's hard to choose!

  5. What a fun guessing game! I think any one of Doris' outfits would look lovely on you, but my favorite for you would be the white/cream suit. And if that's not the one you picked, maybe you'll consider making it later...


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