Friday, January 28, 2011

My blue floral dress

Although I finished yesterday evening dress for Sew Weekly this week, (the theme this week was something blue floral) I could not wear it until this afternoon, well, wear it in a manner of speaking only on the day of today is so dark and gray, threatening rain I could not take decent photos.
The pattern of the dress is inspired by this image of a pattern that I saw on the net, probably from the time of the second half of the 60s.

I was excited when I found this picture and remembered a fabric that was saved in my stash from a few years ago, I believe the union of the fabric to the model, is entirely symbiotic, but in the process ... The mind will work independently and clothing suffered any changes, just added white strips of fabric at the hem of the sleeves too.
  The shoes carried the girl in the blue dress has a slight resemblance to the ones I had stored in my closet, so that for some reason this outfit was hinting me.
Anyway I had problems with the amount of fabric .... (of course). The raglan sleeves and also spend a fair amount folds were folded in her lap, I managed to get by a seam, so I could put the pieces of irregularly shaped pattern, which is not very important because the design of the fabric as permits.
Playing with the possibilities of a garment is one of my favorite diversions, so when I finish sewing a dress ... then my mind starts to make an imaginary journey to every corner of my wardrobe and locate the various parts or accessories that can serve to set.
It's funny because before starting to write this blog, I used to do this before and ended up sewing a garment hung on a hanger until I got the opportunity to use it, when this happened ... I left in a hurry and then I regretted not having put that scarf or these shoes because normally I remembered this when I was away from home ... but now this game is a mental exercise location very grateful. Am I the only??
            So with this dress I can carry a crochet bag  I did some time ago,
                          With the white bag that I used for the polka dot dress

  Of course the shoes are an essential part in this dress acclimate to get it in the 60s and can add a white belt ...

Flower earrings that I made long ago are an original touch and an appropriate floral theme, do not you think the same??
   And finally an original and simple hairstyle (I put the weekend how to do it in a post) that made me feel in total harmony with the theme of the era of inspiration ...

Hey! I feel a little "Twiggy" (with many, many sizes too, of course )....


  1. Rosy your dress turned out absolutely lovely! The style and color combo are perfect. This is a very flattering look on you and I hope you consider making it again. You do look very "Twiggy-ish".

  2. Such a pretty dress, the 60s do look good on you!

  3. What a cute dress!! I have to say I like this style on you alot! And the color and fabric choice is perfect!

  4. You look so pretty and fresh. I just love it!

  5. More Petulia Clark than Twiggy but still lovely. I love the way you are making blue and white your signature colours.

  6. You look great! The dress is beautiful and the shoes are perfect for the outfit!

  7. Beautiful! I should take inspiration from you for thinking of accessories to "make" the outfit. So often just one little thing added, really makes an outfit "sing".

  8. That's a lovely dress I love the colour!!
    you look really nice in it too

    sarah x

  9. Super-cute dress! I love the contrast neck and arm bands - they look great.

  10. Very nice dress, Rosy. I love the accessories.

  11. What a fresh 60's look! You look much better than scrawny Twiggy!

    I really love your hair that way - thanks for the tutorial, I'll have to give it a try.


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