Sunday, January 16, 2011

The winner and the suit elected

Okay, so the weekend came and I promised to announce the suit that I chose to film this month, "Lover Come Back. " I had decided what would be the suit I wanted to sew since I saw the movie, but the lack of time causes delay many projects I have in mind. Now is the time.

And of course, I have to announce the winner of the little gift this month. The number one corresponds to Miss Irene, now you have your data sent by mail so I can send your gift on Tuesday to your home, congratulations Miss Irene.
I tried to visualize the scene of the movie where you see this model again and again, to try to see the details of dress, but the dress is black and added that the film quality is not very good, I've almost had to invent it.

For the dress I'm going to use a blend of cotton and polyester in navy blue that I kept in my stash for several years, I think I need some color variation to black in my wardrobe. And for the short jacket, I will use a beautiful ecru fabric that has a small edge, this material has the proper weight to maintain the structure of a jacket but is light enough so I can use with the climate of my country, (now Saturday, January 15 I spent on the beach by roasting in the sun).
  The jacket will be lined and have two buttonholes on the front to move the buttons of her dress.

 I think the combination of navy blue with the ecru is just great!

The idea of a short jacket that has buttons on the back was very popular in the '50s, but then disappeared completely, I've searched the net vintage patterns that include this type of jacket and found only this, I imagine it will end up being something is uncomfortable or perhaps a token that does not meet ITS goal is to entertain, and that the back is exposed ... anyway ... It's sooooo cute!!!!


  1. I love this so much! You should make this a regular feature on your blog!

  2. I'm sure the dress and jacket will turn out lovely! I always find it hard to use clothes in movies as references, one never sees enough details to suit me. Lol!
    I can't imagine living in a place so warm, it must be awfully hot during the summer. Easy to keep a pretty tan, though! =)
    Good luck with the suit, looking forward to see it take shape.

  3. Wonderful pattern and fabric choices. Can't wait to see how you sew these up!
    Thank-you! Thank-you! I have never won anything before. This is an honour.


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