Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fighting against time

It´s February already, but I'm still fighting the suit of the film in January.
  Since last weekend, have twisted many things in my life and family issues have occupied all my time all week, but now everything is back to normal and here I am ... fighting against the clock to try to end this suit.

So Saturday I spent the afternoon finishing the dress that comes with the suit.
  When asked how to make the pattern of the dress, I had two options for finishing the neck, one was to cut into the center front and finish it on the road easier, two ... more work but with the added boost to the most elegant dress, bearing in mind that it is a navy blue dress without many details could be at risk once the dress, it stayed "sad", without any spark.
  So I decided the second option and cut the pieces by adding separate neck seam that was the whole neckline.

The changes I made in the basic pattern that I've been using all this time were few and simple ....
   In the pictures below you can see the two movements to get the front pattern after cutting it on the belt line and separate the skirt in another independent piece, simply "eliminate " the chest dart and migrate it to dart waist.
However, I had an unpleasant surprise when I got tested after cutting clothing and mount it, but the neck was well in the center front, the shoulder line three centimeters had still to reach my neck (my face reflects the disappointment)

So back again to the pattern ... Sigh ... Add three centimeters  missing parts of the neck and re-cut these again
In the end, it was worth the work ... the dress is finished perfectly and I am very happy with it.
   It is very difficult to photograph a dark cloth, the camera is unable to recreate the details though I care to get enough light to take pictures.

The open darts of the skirt were led to the sides of the hip to try to eliminate thickness in the area of the gut, I hope so dress streamlined this problem area for me.

The back of the dress has no significant change, except the part of the neck.
   I will now devote all my strength to finish the jacket of the team to try to move the film in February, as soon as possible.
  I hope you are enjoying this wonderful weekend ... sewing, of course!


  1. What an interesting way to add detail to the neckline!

  2. This is a really, really pretty dress. The fabric is understated and sophisticated. I love it.

  3. It's a beautiful and elegant dress, I love the details of the collar and the waistband!

  4. It's looking great and I'm sue you'll get it spot one.
    Happy sewing weekend!

  5. Relax and remember sewing is your hobby. I like the way this dress is shaping up.

  6. Thank you for your kind comment you left on my blog I'm glad you liked the interview.
    Thats lovely your Spanish, I think Spain is a lovely place and one day I would like to live there!

    I really like your dress.The neck detail is really nice and I like how you moved the bust dart into the waist dart, well done, it's lovely!



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