Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The gift of this month.

Well, a small and quick post to teach you the giveaway for the month of February.
  Although I have not said anything because I wanted to keep the mystery until the end, I've certainly been working for three weeks as an ant time to finish the little gift in February.

So the giveaway for the month of February is composed of a beret like the one I did for myself last month (Hey, you and I will have berets the same in different parts of the world!), scarf set with the same design of the beret and a beautiful rhinestone pin with diamonds (I bought one like it for me) you can use any of the two garments.

These images show different stages of crochet.
   I'll upload a post tomorrow with pictures of costumes from the movie this month, so be sure you stop by and leave a comment saying which of them more like you, so you enter into the giveaway for this set of crochet.
  So ..... tomorrow


  1. The colour is so beautiful I had to comment anyways! Love the rhinestone & your gorgeous presentation as always!!


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