Monday, February 21, 2011

Story of a dress ...

This past week, I wanted to participate in the theme of the blog "Sew Weekly, something related to Valentine's Day, red, pink, coral or flowers ... Last Thursday I thought it would still have time to choose a dress with this fabric and to complete it for Friday at the last minute ... Oh, poor idiot ....

That's how happy I was on Thursday night when I decided this would be perfectly fine vintage model with this fabric that I keep for years, it's wonderful cotton embroidered with little sparks of red and yellow flowers, it fits perfectly with the theme of weekly theme ....
The fabric is translucent and I'm not much to show my anatomy ... the idea when I sew a dress for me is that people look pleased, no horror, no?
So I used the pattern I made for this blouse and this skirt, I just had to cut the pattern of the blouse for the belt line and sew the skirt to it. To prevent transparencies I sewed each piece of  pattern with white cotton underneath, using two layers of fabric as if they were one.

The first problem came when I was going to set the end of the dress in the back, until then I always thought a white invisible zipper, but it was late Friday and found no zipper that color in my stash, damn !
  Change of plans .... button .
I looked in the box some red buttons and thought to put loops in the back because I had not left enough material to pass through the buttonhole and buttons. You remember that I thought to rack ..
Second disappointment .... the dress ended on Friday night, horror! This neck isn´t the neck of the model, it's too "closed", I need to restart the neck and cut more open neckline, and of course, a longer neck ....

Saturday afternoon, I have a little time to devote to this dress that is resisting me ... was supposed to dress easy, right? Well, it is becoming a "no end" ...
  But there is still a little time, hubby invited me to dinner and I thought it was a good reason to end this happy dress and wear it at dinner, so I re-cut the neck using the previous pattern and stretching his neck like it you need ... I get it almost ...

Poor idiot! I dress to go out and ... So what?? What happened??
  Why the dress is two sizes larger??
  I know that I tend to sew my clothes a little baggy at the waist, but this is too .... I have not drink wine with meals ....

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  1. You can fix it! It's just so sad that you were not able to wear it out to dinner as you had planned. It is a beautiful dress, and definitely needs to be put right.

  2. Oh! asi pasa, a veces uno piensa que puede coser un vestido en un dia....y quizas Si se puede, solo que no contamos con los imprevistos como el cierre, el cuello...lo grande que te quedo.
    Como dice Irene, tu lo puedes arreglar lastima que no lo pudiste usar en la cena que planeabas.
    Ah! gracias por pasar por mi blog!

  3. Sounds like it´s time to put it to rest and start something else... I hate it when things don´t turn out according to plan! But will you fix it? It´s such a beautiful dress!!


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